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VCB eNews Vol 11, #32 - Momentum

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In this Edition

- Editorial: Momentum

- Rides Captain Corner, Shelley Johnson

- I've Been WOW'ed, Debbie Martell

- Across the Highlands Mountain Bike Challenge, 2014

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- Cycling Ambassadors at Seaview Manor for Health Fair

- Loose Chain Links

- Bike Buy and Sell

- About That Funny


"Momentum is the next day's starting pitcher." -- Earl Weaver




It's a dark and stormy night. Well, almost: it's certainly dark. The tepid, languid air spits raindrops with the enthusiasm and accuracy of a chastised class bully with a mouth full of sunflower seeds. Leaves move restlessly, waiting. Possibility and inspiration simmer in the tense quiet before the storm begins, ready to catch the wind and be carried forward with the momentum of what has been gathered up elsewhere.


As a cycling community, we here in Cape Breton could be said to be gathering momentum: active transportation is well-supported and infrastructure is expanding. Our schedule of activities expands and spreads out across the Island (just read the Rides Captain's Corner!). But is there a storm and wind to carry us forward?


By chance recently I found myself in possession of a glossy publication called Momentum. I've read lots of bicycling magazines in my time but I've never seen anything like this. It's a North American publication, with article teasers on the cover like Urban Group Rides, Heels on Wheels, and Riding in a Suit. The photos inside indeed show people riding in suits, heels, and everything else you might wear riding your bicycle - I mean, living your daily life. Living your daily life in a world where the bicycle is stylish, adaptable, accepted, and fully functional as a mode of transportation for everyone. The particular issue I have includes their annual "Gear Guide" , and it is full of locks, lights, helmets, stylish clothing and bikes -- pages and pages of gorgeous, fendered, basketed, upright, comfortable, sturdy bikes. The subtitle of Momentum is "smart living by bike", and in it are articles for people from every walk of life at every stage of life - riding bicycles. The contributors and columnists come from all over the continent and a multitude of professional backgrounds, from a technical illustrator to a lawyer - who ride bicycles.


There are a lot of bike options, a lot of gear options, a lot of style options, a lot of idea options, all gathered between the pages -- the rising wind of the storm that will carry us forward. With enough momentum, when the rain stops, the sun rises and the wind falls, we can all be riding bicycles, smartly living our daily lives.





by: Shelley Johnson, Rides Captain, VCB Cycling Ambassador




Great evening to cruise the streets of Sydney and the Open Hearth Park with several members of the Velo CB Ambassadors. Jacques Cote started the ride off with a demonstration of the ABC quick check for our bikes and safety. This was followed by a relaxed ride through the park. So nice to greet runners and walkers alike. Most people we knew and greeted with smiles and pictures were taken. This is a well used park and a diamond for our community. By the way, each month will feature a shot (20 km) Ambassador ride from Deleski Bicycle Park to areas around Sydney. After the ride through the park the group was led by Charlene Wadden up to Sparr Road and back to the Open Hearth Park. A very nice ride indeed. You to can join in on these rides, both the long and the short. The next long ride of 30 kms will be in Sydney on: Sunday, July 13, 2014 at Deleski Park, Sydney at 1:15 for a 1:30 start. Let's see you there for fun and friendship. Come on out and enjoy these rides. They're for you!








Grab your helmet, don a light and grab your pick. On Sunday, June 29th, Ride Leader Stan Wadden will take you on a memorable 30 km ride through historic Glace Bay and surrounding area. This will be a fascinating tour of our coal mining history. Please don't miss this! Take your Pit Pony (your bike ) and join Stan. A little background in case you aren't familiar;


The town (Glace Bay) formerly was independently incorporated from (1901--1995). Following the formation of the Dominion Coal Company in 1893 the coal mining industry expanded significantly with the opening of several new mines (a total of 12). In 1894, the government gave exclusive mining rights to the Dominion Coal Company. Small communities grew up around the mines and by 1901 they came together to form the Town of Glace Bay. At the time of incorporation, the population was 6,945. Prior to amalgamation in 1995 it had been the province's fourth largest urban area and was the largest populated town in Nova Scotia. Today there is no coal mining activity in the Glace Bay area. Come and learn more. Additional information maybe obtained

Meet at the Cape Breton Miner's Museum at 12:45 for a 1:00 pm start on Sunday,

Hey you crazy riders out there: June ENGLISHTOWN MUSSEL FEST!!!!!


The ENGLISHTOWN MUSSEL FEST is back! Set aside Saturday, June 28th. from 12:00 to 4:30 pm. Ride your bike around St. Anne's Bay. A full day of activities, run, bike, music, good food, social, etc. organized by the local Community.

There's a 5-10k run that starts at 9:30. Cyclists start at noon.

The bike ride leaves at noon from the Community Hall in Englishtown for a relaxed jaunt around St. Ann's Bay (45km) for all levels of riders, or a ride to The Clucking Hen for lunch and return (20km). This is a fundraiser for the Community Hall and registration is only $10.

This ride is open to all. I mean ALL, from experts to novices, singles to families. Come on and get carried along with lots of good people that will make your ride shorter and really a treat! Pit stop along to way to refuel, support vehicle sweeping just in case.

Note: A shorter ride is available to families with young children. How about riding the 2km sandbar, take a break on the beach, throw rocks in the water, continue on the dirt road on the left to the end of Jersey Cove and ride back to the ferry for less than a 10km ride? An adventure the whole family will remember for a long time. Event is Pit supported.


AHEAD AND OF NOTE: (You are welcome and invited to participate in these rides. More details to follow in upcoming newsletters)













Stay active and have a great week riding your bike!

Shelley Johnson, Rides Captain and Cycling Ambassador



PS: A note from Micheline, about "Pedal to the Petals" rides coming up:

Wednesday morning July 2nd "Ride to a Garden Tour": Meet at 10:00 a.m. at Kenny's Pizza in Sydney River on HWY 4 for a 2 hour relaxed ride, including a garden visit on Coxheath Rd., and return by noon to Kenny's Pizza. Everyone welcome ($2. for non-members) See you there!

Micheline, VCB ambassador
Next Ride and Garden Tour will be on July 9 and 16. More details TBA.





by: Michel Aucoin, Organizer AHC '14


The routes we've chosen will have more than enough to fill everyone's expectations. The 25km and 60km challengers will depart from the church parking lot to ride the same routes downtown Cheticamp and the back roads on the way to the second plateau where they will split. The 60km route is a technical and physical testing ground with two major climbs to the Highlands Plateau and... also exhilarating and wild descents. The cherry on the cake is the optional 2 km climb up the Radio Canada Tower Road.


The 25km route has a few short climbs to the second plateau; a stretch on the old Acadian Trail, a scenic route along the Cheticamp River with stunning river vistas and ocean seascapes.inspection ride on June 5th here..


Finish is at the church parking lot where riders started. Relish the cheers, refreshments and a hot shower in the school gymnasium washrooms nearby. At 3 pm all the participants and family members can enjoy the post ride meal with choices of fresh local crab, BBQ steak or vegetarian delights. Each rider will have plenty to brag about at the celebration at the Senior Citizen's Hall (behind the church) at the end of the day.


As Cheticampers are known for their exceptional hospitality, AHC '14 will be no exception. In the evening, all AHC participants, their friends and family are invited to Réné and Shelley's Beach for a beach party. All are invited to stay for the weekend and join the leisurely guided ride on Sunday to discover the best freshwater swimming secret spot in Cheticamp at the former Mine de plâtre, the beautiful Salmon Pool Trail in the Park and much more.


We recommend riders to be on site the day before the ride, or at least one hour before on ride day to pick up their ride kit (map, cue sheeet, bike plaque, etc.).


Several hotels, motels, B&Bs and campgrounds are available within short riding/driving distance. If you cannot find accommodations in Cheticamp, you can camp for free on the school grounds on both the Friday and Saturday night, and have access to gymnasium washrooms and showers. You can also access the school WiFi.



The course will be all signed and all riders must follow the marked course for their own safety. A number of patrollers will be on the course and also at strategic locations to direct the participants and to provide emergency assistance if required. Pit Stops at regular intervals along the road will provide food and refreshments.



We are gearing up to get everything ready. At the rate registrations are coming in, and with less than 20 spots left, remaining places will be taken up within the next few days. We can only accept 100 participants, so anyone still planning on registering for the event should do so as soon as possible.


AHC '14 is open to all capable cyclists and limited to 100 registrations. If you haven't yet had the "AHC Experience" there's never been a better time to give it a go. Registrations until July 6: $75. No registration after July 6th.

To Register



Michel: (902) 224-3671, cell : (902) 224-0069





contributed by Debbie Martell


Last year when the Women on Wheels cycled by my house on Tuesday nights, I thought, I should be doing that. This year, I joined up with these fantastic women on Tuesday nights to ride around the Point Edward loop. Micheline was happy to finally see me... Although still at the back of the pack on my comfort bike, I'm making it without aches and pains the next day. A couple of years ago, I needed to take a couple of breaks as well as walk some of those longer hills -- for those that have done the loop, you know where I mean. Last year I took the bike safety course - a real eye opener for me. I learned so much about how to ride on the roads and I highly recommend it to all beginners or those that have been riding for years and want to improve. Each Tuesday at six, at Nicole's Country Market, we get a refresher of some of those important lessons from the course such as when to grease your bike, and with what; what to wear and bring; and how far apart we should be. Cadence was this week's topic and I can tell you that my cadence is getting better all the time as I get acquainted with my gears. Thank you to the wonderful Velo Cape Breton volunteers and fellow WOW riders. It has been a great ride.


Debbie Martell





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by: Charlene Wadden, VCB Cycling Ambassador


On June 20, 2014 Cycling Ambassadors Charlene and Stan Wadden participated in The Health Fair at Seaview Manor in Glace Bay. They set a lively information table with Velo Cape Breton Bicycle Association membership information, rides schedule, etc. The Health Fair was greatly appreciated and well attended by clients, visitors, and staff who showed a surprising interest in cycling. There were many questions about both the Ambassador and WOW jerseys: why we wore them, what was the difference between the programs, etc. There was a great demand for information about the organization, and the Ambassadors passed out a lot of printed material. We hope to see some new members from Seaview!




Cycling Ambassador Charlene Wadden checks over the VCB display table at Seaview Manor Health Fair (Stan Wadden, photo)





David Shea, Velo Cape Breton member from Antigonish, is doing a cross-Canada bike tour with Tour du Canada. Follow him on his blog at





For Sale: Raleigh "Portage" men's mountain bike, in excellent condition. Front suspension. Approximately 17 in. Frame (not sure, sticker removed). $80. Contact Siobhan at 902-578-5754


For Sale: Supercycle SC1800 mountain bike, ladies frame size 17 in. Never used, still has the tags on it. Red. $120. Contact Siobhan at 902-578-5754






Q. Why do hipsters only use the microwave?

A. They don't like conventional ovens.



Of all the martial arts, karaoke inflicts the most pain.



Sign on a photographer's shop: Shoot the kids! Hang the family! Frame the wife!




Shelley Porter,

Editor, Velo Cape Breton eNewsletter

VCB Cycling Ambassador.

June 26th, 2014


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