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VCB eNews, Vol 11, #40 - Preparing For Harvest

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In this Edition

-  Editorial: Preparing for harvest

-  Rides Captain Corner, Shelley Johnson

- New Bicycle Nova Scotia newsletter

- Nova Scotia Bicycle Summit, 2014

- Cycle for Water

- Velo Club Cheticamp Event Coming Up

-  Bike Buy and Sell

-  About That Funny



“Earth is here so kind, that just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest” 

– Douglas William Jerrold, about Australia





This week, the Cape Breton County Farmers’ Exhibition is in full swing in North Sydney. As the offspring of farming stock, and having grown up in an agricultural region, I love these annual celebrations of the farming way of life. 4H participants (under the guidance of their longsuffering leaders and even-longer-suffering parents) proudly groom/decorate/arrange their projects for display. Cattle farmers take a break from the daily routine to bathe, clip, and groom their best bovines for competition. Poultry fanciers strut and crow as they settle their feathered friends into cages labelled with the names of both ancient and modern breeds. Rabbit fanciers hop to it with glittery signs detailing the breed, age, and lineage of their beautiful bunnies. And the horses. Even the equine pageantry of English royalty seems dim in comparison to the bespangled splendour of an Exhibition horse barn. 


Agricultural fairs, “exhibitions”, are opportunities for livestock and plant breeders and producers to compete, learn about new lines and practices, and improve their stock. They are also an educational experience for the general public. Amateur and professional producers alike show off their harvest, whether it be actual plants or animals, the product of creative work like woodworking or baking, or the results of long hours of disciplined training involved in developing a reining horse.


This time of year we think over the Summer: what we have done, what we haven’t done, what we could do better next year, what we might change to improve our “harvest”. The Velo Cape Breton 52 Week and SummerFit Cycling Challenges are each more than half over. The harvest of improved fitness, a sense of accomplishment, and camaraderie will be reaped in soon. No matter what kind of cycling goals you had set for this season, remember there is still time to plant another row of morning rides, the kind with a short season and tender dawn tips, or add a top dressing of Saturdays to your long ride patch. Even if you fall short of your planned goals, you can still save the seeds of inspiration for next year’s cycling garden.




by: Shelley Johnson, Rides Captain


What better way to see such beauty than by your bike? Touring, to me, is one of the best ways to explore places you haven’t been.  This picture taken by Jacques Cote on the recent

Cabot Trail 4 day Tour shows it all.  A moment in time perfectly captured of Neil’s Harbor, CB.  Sure you could sit in a car and snap this pic, but you would have missed out on the sun shining down on your face, the breeze from the ocean caressing you, and the beckoning call of seagulls as you rode this twisty road that snakes its way along to some of the best chowder known to man.


The bicycle provides us with such variety and choices.   The possibilities are endless. How have you been using your bike?  Maybe this summer, you’ve been enjoying it for short rides around your neighbourhood, or the occasional get-together activity with friends and family.  Perhaps you commute back and forth to work.  Yes, some of us do!  Or you’ve been using it for speed and fitness.  Some of us prefer long days in the saddle with high kilometres.  I particularly enjoyed some of the rides and events put on throughout the summer months by our own Club.  I hope you’ve taken the opportunity to participate on some of these rides.


This time last year, myself and a friend were gearing up to travel to the States to participate in a wonderful two day tour.  We met so many people!  I have such fond memories of the OKHT Tour.  And yet, here’s another kudo for cycling: it connects you to fellow enthusiasts and friends around the world. See the pic below for proof. It’s been a wonderful summer for riding, so, I ask you to give a little pause to this question: what has been your moment in time that you perfectly captured while riding your bike?


Photo courtesy of Dr. Larry Preble. (fellow Velo CB B52er and friend) Louisville, Ky. “Sink or Swim” Century Ride.





There are two Ambassador rides coming up...




WHERE:  Meet at the Sobey’s parking lot, Reserve Street in Glace Bay

TIME:  1:15 for a 1:30 start

DISTANCE:  Approximately 30 Kms


Ride with the Ambassadors through Reserve and out Rabbit Town Road, swing back up toward Dominion Beach and heading back into Glace Bay and area.


If you miss this ride then catch the Thursday night ride with the Ambassadors.




WHERE:  Meet at Deleski Part in the open Hearth Park

TIME:  6:15 pm for a 6:30 pm start

DISTANCE:  Approximately 20 Kms


This is a great evening ride through the streets of Sydney and surrounding area.







WHEN:  Sunday, August 24th


WHERE: Meet at Mullin’s store in Albert Bridge.


TIME:  1:15 PM for a 1:30 PM START.


DISTANCE: Approximately 20 kms  & 30 kms.


Ride leaves Mullin’s Rite Stop store in Albert Bridge heading out on the Trout brook Rd to Marion Bridge.  You have the opportunity to turn around at the Bengal Rd and head back which is about a 20 K ride.  Those wishing to do the 30 K, will loop around on Hillside Road back to Mullins for food and social.




RL Paul MacDougall


WHERE:  Meet at the Bean Barn Ingonish


TIME:  9:00 am Bike Smokey Mtn. ; 2:30 pm hike Franey Mtn.


Are you up for this challenge?  What a way to cap off summer and begin to greet the fall.  Ride with Paul up Smokey Mountain, grab a bite to eat and then tackle Franey Mountain in all it’s glory.







CHOICE OF 3 ROUTES!  30K 11:00 am meet up, 40K 10:30 am meet up,  and 48K 9:00am meet up.

If interested, email or phone Michel Aucoin (902) 224-0069,




Leaving VeloMax Bike Shop at 9:00 am or CBHA at 10:00 am.  Choice of 15, 20, or 75 Km ride.


Take time to ride your bike for fun and fitness.  The benefits are many.  See you on the road.


Shelley Johnson

Rides Captain and Cycling Ambassador







As part of increasing our outreach and engagement of Nova Scotians, Bicycle Nova Scotia is developing a newsletter, which we plan to circulate bi-monthly. Newsletters will include updates on the Blue Route and other BNS projects from our Road Education and Bicycle Advocacy sector. To subscribe, send a message to Blue Route Coordinator Ben Buckwold at





Halifax NS, October 18-19th.

BNS is leading the coordination of the 2014 Bicycle Summit, held this year in Halifax. Event details will be released shortly, but in the interim please save the dates in your calendar. In addition to the two-day weekend event, we will be hosting a public lecture on Friday Oct 17th. I hope to see many of you there!





Cycling 4 Water is a bike ride across Canada to raise awareness and funds for 60 water wells in Africa, providing clean, disease-free water to 60,000 villagers. This ride is in partnership with Global Aid Network (GAiN), a worldwide humanitarian relief and development organization. All cyclists are asked to join this troupe at St. James Presbyterian Church, at the bottom of St. James Road, Big Bras d'Or on Monday morning  (August 18th)  to depart at 8:00am sharp for the Marine Atlantic Terminal, North Sydney. This is an approximately 20km ride. This would be a great gesture by us Cape Bretoners in support of their cause. Please call Vic Gouthro at 561-1965 if you have any comments, suggestions or questions. Thanks.





Sunday August 17 – Big Intervale Ride and Lunch and evening beach BBQ (major Summer event!)

Big Intervale is situated in a vallée about halfway across the mountains between Grand Etang and the Cabot Trail at the intersection of Margaree Valley Road. It is one of the most picturesque places in Cape Breton. Herman and Ruth Schreeberger always greet us with a warm welcome and fabulous food.


Choice of 3 routes :

  1. Leaving from the Big Intervale dirt road in Margaree Valley at 11 am (easy 30 km, return ride, mountain or hybrid bike)
  2. Leaving from Margaree Valley Road at Cabot Trail intersection (across from the Dancing Goat at 10 :30 am (easy 40 km, return, mountain or hybrid)
  3. Leaving Université Ste-Anne Campus in Lemoine, 12521 Cabot Trail, at 9 am, and over the mountains via Pembrook Lake Road (challenging 48 km return ride, mountain bike only)

The route starting in Grand Etang has a level of difficulty similar to the challenging trails and major climbs of this year’s edition of AHC (the climb to Pembrook Lake is more than 4 km). You do not have to register in advance, and there are no Pit Stops, so everyone must bring their own food and drink. That being said, you have to let us know you’re joining us for the ride so we can make lunch reservations at the Fishing Lodge. It is a ride done in a friendly atmosphere. Each cyclist can ride at his own pace; the fastest climbers usually wait or go back and forth so as not to leave any of the slower riders behind.

    •  All 3 groups meet around noon at the Big Interval Fishing Lodge to share Herman’s wonderful cuisine.
    •  Weather permitting, there is an evening get together at Réné and Shelley’s scenic Beach to enjoy a BBQ (bring your owm food) and bon fire..
    •  We welcome all interested cyclisst to join us, and we extend a special invitation to VCB members.

N.B. If interested, send email to Michel, or phone 224-0069





Limber up!


Five great rides (there’s still time)


Scroll down the eSkeptic page for an fascinating article on bicycle design history:






For Sale: Roof racks, suitable for small car with gutters. Adjustable. $60. Contact the editor.






A man staggers into the emergency room with a concussion, multiple bruises, and a five iron wrapped around his neck.  Naturally the doctor asks him what happened. 


 "Well, it was like this" said the man.  "I was having a quiet round of golf with my wife, when at a difficult hole, we both sliced our balls into a pasture of cows.  We went to look for them, and while I was rooting around I noticed that one of the cows had something white in it's rear end.  I walked over and lifted up the tail, and sure enough, there was a golf ball with my wife's monogram on it stuck right in the middle of the cow's butt.  Thats when I made my mistake."


"What did you do?", asked the doctor.


"Well, I lifted the tail, pointed, and yelled to my wife,  "Hey!  This looks like yours!"








Regular articles, including Loose Chain Links:

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Ads for Bike Buy & Sell: Word document or compatible, 12 pt, Times New Roman, submitted by the Monday prior. Ads will run for 3 weeks. Please inform the editor if the item is sold before that term is up. If the item doesn’t sell, you may re-submit your ad.  


Photos: high resolution (photos taken with a phone are usually too low, but there may be exceptions); please name all the people in the photo, and give the event, date, and location.







Shelley Porter,  

Editor, Velo Cape Breton eNewsletter

VCB Cycling Ambassador.

August 14th, 2014


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