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52 Week Bike Challenge

Resolutions... Resolutions... Resolutions...

Easy to make, hard to keep.  Unless...
Unless you take all steps to make it to the end of the year and more.  
Step 1, be congruent about where you stand and what you want to accomplish.
Step 2, join people with the same goals to share your goals, get inspired and...  and...  SUCCEED!

Shelley Porter has been the 52WBC Coordinator for over 5 years now and has inspired many to succeed and feel good about themselves.  She's the Coordinator for the 52WB Challengers (B52s) for 2016.   Want to join the B52s and get inspired to succeed in your resolution?  email Shellley now
Here's Shelley's Update for the start of the year.

Well, it's New Year's Eve. I am sitting at my dining room table, a table my maternal grandparents purchased in the 1930s. I am renting a flat in the village I spent my teenaged years in, about 20 km from the villages where my parents were born. I am about 40 km from where I was born, 53 years ago. 
I am reminded of one of my favourite paintings, Life Cycle. It's an image of a poppy, all the life stages from bud to seed pod, twining across the canvas with a shadow falling on a light surface in the background. The shadow is of the poppy plant, and of the rough-treaded tire of a mountain bike. I don't know where I fall on that continuum, but I hope I am still in the blossom stage, and that tread is standing ready to roll. 
We've come round a circle ourselves, a rotation of our Earth around the Sun. The earth revolving around the the sun, and on its axis and all of us rolling along on our bike tires. We are doing more than spinning in circles (I hope). I lost track of how many kms I put in this year, but I know it's close to 2000. My last bike ride of 2015 was through the Gaspereau Valley on a very mild day. It felt just as soul-soothing to cruise those country roads this week as it did 30 years ago. 
I kinda jumped the tracks this year, in my life trajectory, but I am trusting my equipment, sighting a line, not looking down or back or sideways or between my horse's ears (how's that for a mixed riding metaphor??) but forward, at the next jump or the track I want to be on, whatever. Sit up straight, make your knees and ankles soft, let those tires bounce and start turning the pedals as soon as you land. 
If you fall off . . . get back on. 
This fall, I read Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird. In it she recalls some advice given to her by a fellow writer. He said, "whenever it happens that you have a choice to make, between this or that, just choose one, this or that. The very worst that can happen is that you will find you have made a terrible mistake". 
And then you get back up, and keep on going. 
For 2016 - here's to wheels turning!
Thank you all for your inspiration, all year long.
-Shelley P.

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