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Ride Right Program

A program available FREE to Velo Cape Breton Membership only

During 3 x 3-hr outdoors sessions from easy to more advanced, you will enhance your cycling skills, your confidence and your fun to ride.

Sessions will be held from mid-April to mid-June.  Sessions must be taken in succession.  Personalized learning environment with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 participants per instructor.

Basic requirement:  a bicycle in good working order, a bicycle helmet.

Sessions content:


  • for the bicycle, basic checks, tips on maintenance and repairs, what to carry.
  • for the cyclist, clothing, personal protection, 


  • parking lot: essential life-saver cycling skills, starting, stopping, riding in a straight line, signaling, looking back, turning, avoiding obstacles,
  • on-road skills:  road positioning, shifting gears, pedaling cadence, riding single lane and multi-lane roads, communicating, going through intersections, turning, group riding, climbing, descending, drafting, dealing with road hazards, scanning, anticipating, …


  • Rules of the Road, road signs, trail etiquette, sharing the road, nutrition, commuting, touring, hygiene



Locations & Instructors

  • Sydney Civic Centre:  Richard Wadden, Leroy Hodder,
  • Coxheath, Coxheath Arena:  Shelley Johnson 
  • North Sydney, Emera Centre:  Jimmie Campbell
  • Glace Bay:  Richard Wadden, Leroy Hodder
  • Backup Instructors:  Andrée Crépeau, Micheline Guillot, Brian Spicer, Jacques Côté


Pre-registration is required.

Upon registration an instructor will get in touch with you to confirm your participation and set-up a schedule with you based on your preferences.  A mimimum of 3 participants will be required to hold a session.  


Select one location where you want to take the sessions.
Please select three weekends when you want to take the sessions. Sessions will be given in the morning and in the afternoon. The instructor will contact you to set up a schedule for the first, second and third session according to your availability. We will try to limit to one 3-hr session per day.
Please indicate your preference(s).

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