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Volume 13, #23  -  WoWs Hitting The Roads




Editorial: WoWs Hitting The Roads

WoW - NEW Kentville Branch

Getting the Most out of Your Bicycle

Bike Clinics and Basic Repairs at the Farmers Market

Notice to VCB Members

Loose Chain Links

About That Funny



“I began to feel that myself plus the bicycle equaled myself plus the world.” 

~ Frances Willard,





She loves to build teams of people with can do attitudes.  She wanted these "great" people enjoy sharing in their success and wanted everyone to network with each others. 


These are the reasons why VCB Cycling Ambassador’s Shelley Johnson started the Women-on-Wheels (WoW) group in Sydney three years ago.  What was conceived and started here on the Island created the spark that has caught interest elsewhere and is now blossoming into a province wide program.  Isn’t that fantastic?


Shelley Porter, VCB lost for the Valley, is now leading a WoW group from Kentville while Lynne Pascoe joined the Board of Bicycle Nova Scotia to expand the WoW movement in the province.  Women and the cycling community in general couldn't have better WoW advocates, mentors and co-ordinators. 


WoW is about women inspiring women to ride and women mentoring women to learn the skills they need to become self sufficient, confident and skilled cyclists.   




WOMEN-ON-WHEELS - NEW Kentville Branch

by: Shelley Porter


Would you like to:
   · Connect with other women?
   · Enjoy short bike rides and learn new skills?
   · Feel safe cycling on trails & roads?
   · Be more connected to your community?




Choose from one of two introductory sessions:

    Friday, April 1, at 11:00 am, or
    Monday, April 4, at 6:00 pm


Kentville Recreation Centre, 348 Main Street


Women on Wheels is a wonderful opportunity for women who already bicycle to build confidence in their cycling skills. We are also focused on encouraging women who have not bicycled in the past to join in, have fun, and become comfortable with cycling as a form of exercise and building community.


In this first session, bring your bicycle (if you have one) and we’ll go over the ABC’s of making sure your bike is safe and ready to ride the next time we meet. Setting a regular, weekly day and time to meet in the coming weeks will also be something that we do together.


For more information, please contact: or 902-679-2539  







by:  Chris Milburn,


The presentation Chris gave at the MacConnell Library in Sydney on Thursday (Mar. 3rd) has been recorded by my computer set up at the back of the room.  Not the Hollywood quality type.    The image of the video is not super but the size can be increased with the "View" command in Mac.  I don't know how to do it with a PC.  The audio is acceptable.  


Part 1 dealt with:  the reasons you should bike (more) in 2016; and,  the effects of a healthy lifestyle “squaring off” the geriatric curve.


Part 2: making you bike comfy and avoiding injury.


Both, Part 1 and 2 are now posted on VCB website








Do you want to get in great shape this summer?  Join the active transportation movement to always get the best parking spot?  But FIRST, dust off your bike and get it ready!


Starting on Saturday, April 9th come to the first of three annual Velo Cape Breton spring bike clinics and basic repairs - other sessions will be held on May 7th and May 14th.   This popular yearly event takes place at the Cape Breton Farmer's Market on Keltic Drive from 8:30 am - 1pm.


Bring in your bike for a spring inspection by our able mechanics who can also do minor repairs, tune-ups, minor lubrication and cleaning.  You might learn useful tips on bicycle maintenance that can save you tons of money in the long term.  They can also advise on more major mechanical issues if any and answer your questions.


There you can join Velo Cape Breton and get information about the Association,  upcoming events, Women-on-Wheels group, tours, Ride Right program and, the Lobster Roll Ride in June.


An assortment of Louis Garneau bicycle clothing at Velo Cape Breton and Women-on-Wheels colours will be available to VCB members at cost.


Coffee, breaky and all kinds of goodies to buy on site.


Hope to see you there!


NOTE:  Join the Relaxed guided ride starting from the Farmers Market at 10:30am 








The block VCB Members Corner on the website has been updated with the current Membership List,  Minutes of Monthly meetings amongst other info.  This block is private to VCB Membership.  You need to log-in to access this block.  


Join VCB for 2016 here to obtain your log-in information and other perks. 









Just released:  12 Tips For Safe Cycling by the Journeyman Film Company.  


This short, fun video featuring Dalhousie University students provides key safety tips to help you be safe while following Nova Scotia laws for cycling.  Really creative shots.  BRAVO!







Before a long ride I like to get up and have a couple of bottles of craft beer, a few bratwursts and maybe some eggs (they’re not good for you, they say). Then I’ll take a shower, crawl back into bed for a few more minutes (up to 120).


Once I’m up from the nap I’ll grab a bag of cashews and eat them while picking out which jersey to wear. This process exhausts me so I’ll go back into bed for a brief power nap. 


Upon waking, will snag a gel, usually vanilla Gu, to get me energized again for the long ride, which has now been cut in half because it’s almost noon. Once dressed for biking, will get rollin’ to the nearest MacDo, hopefully within the first five kilometre of the ride, and grab lunch — a double-cheese burger, fries and either a chocolate-banana or pumpkin shake. Course this makes me tired, so it’s a short ride to the nearest park for a brief nap. 


Up and at ’em again and ride to my fave craft brewery to hook up with fellow bikers for a few brewskis. By now it’s almost afternoon break time, so I bike off with my brewery biking buddies to a pizza joint for a pepperoni-onion pizza and a few glasses of either Malbec or Shiraz. 


It’s getting darker out, so time to pedal home before sunset. A great ride, but a lot shorter than I thought it would be but the food and drink were definitely awesome! Might do it again tomorrow.



Happy Easter Everyone !



March 24th,  2016



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