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VCB eNews, Vol 13, #24 - How Old is Too Old?




Volume 13, #24  -  How Old is Too Old?




Editorial:   How Old is Too Old?

Bike Clinics and Basic Repairs at the Farmers Market

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Close to Home: Tour of Hammonds Plains

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“I don't ride to add day to my life, I ride to add life to my days.” 

~ Anonymous





YOU know the answer.  Why to listen to anybody but yourself? 


There's probably no age limit to cycle, as long as you are healthy and can maintain a good sense of humor under occasional adverse circumstances, mechanical breakdown, bad weather, getting lost, climbing hills, headwinds, etc.   I'm glad I had parents who gave me that first bicycle and at the same time put the box of band-aid handy.  I fell a lot, got band-aided all over.  Each band-aid had a story and each was a lesson learned.  


Was it fun?  You bet it was.  In no time I learned to anticipate hazards and quickly developed ways to avoid them. That was the beginning of a whole life of cycling at a very young age and have been able to keep at it over the years.  




Seeing paranoid parents raising unconsciously all kinds of barriers limiting their child’s development is hurting.   Kids should be given the basic tools to “live to learn”, live their dream, learn from their own experience.  


How many young adults do you see on bicycle these days?  You certainly see more who have turned 16 driving cars going to school rather than riding bicycle.  What experience will they carry with them to adulthood?  Your answer is as good as mine.


The average age of the participants to the tour of the Cabot Trail in 4 Days is 57, several are in the 70‘ies.   Most if not all had bicycles in their youths and have kept cycling over the years.  I presume only a few have just started a few years ago I’m sure and are now tackling the Trail with confidence.  


It is never too old to start cycling but for better use of that shelf life left in you, the process to get there should be more of a “learn to live” rather than a “live to learn” process.   You get me?


Where to start?  

  1. Get a course and meet other people like you with whom you can ride and practice new skills.   
  2. Join and ride in a cycling club to expand your horizons and your confidence.  
  3. Set your goals and the road to get there in small segments to give you opportunities to celebrate each of your accomplishments.  






Starting on Saturday, April 9th come to the first of three annual Velo Cape Breton spring bike clinics and basic repairs - other sessions will be held on May 7th and May 14th.   This popular yearly event takes place at the Cape Breton Farmer's Market on Keltic Drive from 8:30 am - 1pm.


Bring in your bike for a spring inspection by our able mechanics who can also do minor repairs, tune-ups, minor lubrication and cleaning.  You might learn useful tips on bicycle maintenance that can save you tons of money in the long term.  They can also advise on more major mechanical issues if any and answer your questions.


There you can join Velo Cape Breton and get information about the Association,  upcoming events, Women-on-Wheels group, tours, Ride Right program and, the Lobster Roll Ride in June.


An assortment of Louis Garneau bicycle clothing at Velo Cape Breton and Women-on-Wheels colours will be available to VCB members at cost.


Coffee, breaky and all kinds of goodies to buy on site.


Hope to see you there!


NOTE:  Join the Relaxed guided ride starting from the Farmers Market at 10:30am 






The cycling season is fast approaching and the weather is getting nicer for you and also for all the volunteers at Velo Cape Breton. 


We value all our members and are asking that if you know you are going to be a member of Velo Cape Breton this year that you get your membership in advance of the season. We encourage everyone to do this online so that our energies are better spent serving you as a member and creating better cycling opportunities rather than do clerical work. 


We are encouraging all members to try to invite a friend or peer into the cycling community by becoming a member.   


Thank you





WANTED:  Jacques,  I exercise regularly and I want to bike on long rides with my young one.  I’m looking to purchase or rent a gently used Tag Along bike. Either a Trail-a-bike or other similar brand.  Contact Carla @ 562.8672






by: Christine Nielson,  Event Director


Close To Home: The Tour of Hammonds Plains will take place on September 18, 2016. The event is designed to accommodate everyone from the beginning road cyclist to people who appreciate a hilly challenge. We believe that our event is unique among other large group rides in North America because we are committed to providing education and free group training rides in the preceding months. We will also be using our blog and Facebook pages to distribute cycling tips to the community.


Our stated goals are:

  • showcasing the road cycling opportunities within the community
  • increasing the confidence of local riders which may result in more use of bicycles for active transportation
  • engaging families and children
  • promoting safe and responsible cycling
  • creating a more positive relationship between motorists and cyclists on local roads

You can view our website at and our Facebook page at


We are very excited about this opportunity to bring a community together around cycling and hope that it can become a model for others.


Chris Nielsen







Independent evidence review of national and international studies showing the economic value of investing in cycling infrastructure.



With cycling becoming the top choice for commuting for many, the number of adults learning how to cycle has increased. Figuring out where to start can be daunting for those who have never even sat on a bike, but also for those who want to improve their skills riding on the streets.




How are your bicycle skills?  Players wanted.












"Vegetarian: Indian word for lousy hunter." - Andy Rooney




March 31st,  2016



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