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VCB eNews, Vol 13, #30 - Ride of Silence!





Volume 13, #30  -  Ride of Silence




Editorial:   Ride of Silence


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“Let’s have a moment of silence for all those who are stuck in traffic on their way to the gym to ride stationary bicycles”  
~  Anonymous





Sydney Shopping Centre (ex-Target store),  
Wednesday, May 18
th. 6:30 pm


In our car-centered communities, cyclists are usually the first to 'blame' for many of the collisions they are involved in, this simply reflects the perverse attitude that all road users share 'equal' responsibility for road safety.  


Motor vehicle users, who are in charge of a potentially lethal piece of high-speed machinery, should be expected to drive in a manner that takes full account of the vulnerability of other road users.; moderating their speed to a less fatal level is one thing, being alert at analyzing rapidly developing traffic patterns to adopt proper defensive measures is another aspect that is too often neglected.  The roads are only 'dangerous' in the first place because they are filled with high-speed motor vehicles that are often driven at inappropriately high speeds and with scant regards for the safety of others.


Considering the rapid societal change that our developed societies are going through, injury prevention and safety

promotion need to be strengthened further. 



Velo Cape Breton is organizing the CBRM's 6th Ride of Silence on Wednesday May 18th. The ride is held around the world to remember those who have been killed or injured while cycling.


Riding in silence, we are each able to reflect on the beauty of the evening, recognize the camaraderie of our fellow participants, and pause to remember friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.


The riders will gather at the Sydney Shopping Centre parking lot Wednesday, May 18 at 6:30 p.m.  This event will echo around the world as groups in other towns and cities ride to commemorate injured and fallen cyclists. 


This will be gentle, non-competitive 11 kilometre ride for all ages and abilities.  All cyclists are welcome to participate. We will ride single file at no more than 18 kmh, obeying all the rules of the road, CBRM police officers riding police bicycles will escort the ride.


This commemorative ride was first organized seven years ago in Dallas after a cyclist was killed on a quiet country road, struck by the mirror of a passing school bus. Friends and community members got together after the funeral, and in ten days, one thousand people showed up for the first Ride of Silence. Their goal, in addition to honouring their friend’s memory, was to raise awareness of the fact that cyclists share the road with other users. Streets are our community builders,they are the public spaces that connect our homes and shops, our places of work, recreation and worship. Communities that share streets, giving space to vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians are healthier, more attractive and safer. 


For more information about the Ride of Silence you can visit the Ride of Silence website for lots of information about rides all over the world.



As the main point of the Ride of Silence is a dedication to those who have been hurt or killed while bicycling.  It is believed that a large group of cyclists riding in silence will send a "loud" message to all road users - including motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, truck/bus drivers - to do all they can to Share the Road in sensible manners.  


Authorities also have an important role to play but first it's you and I who have to make this message clear by participating to the Ride of Silence this coming Wednesday.


Thank You








Tonight, Thursday, May 12th

Impromptu Destination Ride

Cyclists are welcome to ride to Centre 200, from wherever they want, to support the participants of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics.

More information here.



Saturday,  May 14th

Bike Clinic and Basic Repairs at the Farmers Market

More information here.



Saturday - Sunday, May 14-15th

Ride Right Program

More information here.



Did you know that the VCB Calendar of activities and events for until October is posted on the VCB website? Click here









Saturday,  May 14th

3rd and LAST Bike Clinic and Basic Repairs at the Farmers Market

More information here.



Sunday, May 15th

Kelly’s Klimb

What:  The Klimb is not a race, but an opportunity to test your own fitness.  There will be a “time-trial” start, with participants leaving at 20 secons intervals.  Times will be recorded.  


Kelly’s mountain climbs 240 metres over approximately 7km, and it can easily take 30 minutes or more to reach the summit. 


Meeting Place:  Lobster Galley, Exit 10 on TCH 105.  North side of Kelly’s Mountain.


Start time:  Arrive by 11:00am to register and warm-up.   Start time:  11:30


In case of severely inclement weather in the forecast, oddly, the KK will be held on the previous day, Saturday, May 14.  


Group ride afterward to Baddeck and back for a meal.







Women on Wheels starts Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 6:00 pm.  New location and change in rides!  Meet at the Coxheath Arena.  


Two groups- 


BEGINNER: Learn to ride right.  Get tips on shifting and safe riding techniques.  Short rides. 

So we ensure enough instructors please register at:


INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED-  Get together every Tuesday with other female cyclists and enjoy an evening of fun, friendship and riding.  Various routes each week.  Distance: 20-30 Kms.


Once a month weekend event rides will be posted on WOW Facebook site and Velo Cape Breton Website.







Riding can be a great excuse to get away from the kids and the other half, but it's also a great way of spending some quality time with your nearest and dearest. Here we look at the best ways to get children onto two wheels and riding safely and confidently.









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May 12th ,  2016



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