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VCB eNews, Vol 13, #33 - Busy - Busy - Busy ! ! !





Volume 13, #33  -  Busy - Busy - Busy!!!




Editorial:   Busy - Busy - Busy ! ! !

Lobster Roll Ride

Show-N-Go Rides


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AHC 16 - June 1st Update

Blue Route Announcement

Randonneuring - A Different Experience

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"It is absolutely ridiculous to buy even your first bottle of wine or restaurant meal if you do not yet have a good bicycle and a bike trailer." 

~ Peter Adeney, aka 'Mr. Money Mustache'





Your work and life schedule is crazy busy and the more you do to clear up the backlog, the more there is adding up on the “To-Do” list.  How to find time to maintain my capacity to cycle with my friends on tours or on longer rides over the weekends?


Apparently you are better off by doing intervals on your bike, once a week (year round if possible), than doing distance rides, for slowing the decline of your VO2 max.  Time to incorporate those intervals!

Intervals is hard but are done in a very short time.  It is an excellent return on your time investment.  The other advantage of intervals is that you need to take more recovery time off the bike for you muscles to heal between workouts.


One thing you have to watch though is your diet.  Intervals burn calories alright but be careful not to overcompensate by ingesting more than you need.  Keep that diet well balanced with an emphasis on fruit, vegetables, more whole grains and enough protein to help maintain muscle volume.  





by:  Britney MacNeil, 


The weather is warming-up, which means it's time to register for the Lobster Roll Ride!  Join us on Sunday, June 19, 2016 at the North Sydney Firefighters Club, 14 Pierce St, North Sydney.


Registration is open to public -- you don’t have to be a VCB member!  Registration cost is $25 for adults, and just $5 for those 12 and under! Online registration will be open until noon on Saturday June 18.  On-site registration will be VERY limited, so please pre-register (on-site cost is $35 for adults)!


To view a map of each route, for more information or to REGISTER online please visit  To download the registration form to print and mail, here:


Route #1: Mountain Rd. Loop, 40km - Registration 8:30 AM, Ride 9:00 AM

Route #2: Scotch Lake Loop, 30km [OR] Barrachois 40km - Registration 11:00 AM, Ride 11:30 AM

Route #3: Florence Loop, 20km - Registration 1:30 PM, Ride 2:00 PM

Route #4: Family Ride, 3km in the nearby subdivision - Registration 1:30 PM, Ride 2:00 PM


We hope to see you there!


Thank you,


Velo Cape Breton Lobster Roll Ride








Starting today, June 2, 2016 - 6:00pm, and for the next four Thursday in June, (9, 16, 23, 30th) VCB is leading a group ride at 6:00 p.m. from Coxheath Arena on Keltic Drive.


All VCB members are welcome,  $2. for non-members


The ride(s) will be 1-1.5 hour long.  Route(s) and pace will be decided on the spot.


Come and enjoy a friendly bike ride with VCB


Ride Leader:  Micheline & Jacques

Distance (km):  20 - 40

Level:  Easy & Moderate






A Ride Ride Program is starting this coming Saturday June 4 at 1:30pm from the Sydney Civic Centre with Richard Wadden. Here's your chance to get personalized cycling training ( 5 participants max.) to improve to cycling abilities, confidence and fun to ride for health and fitness. Check info






As odd as it my be, the Waiting List on both tours, the Cabot Trail in 4 Days and the Tour du Lac Bras d’Or have all been used to replace cancellations.  In other words, the next person to register on the Waiting List will be next to replace a cancellation should one occur.  


If you want to take a chance at joining us for an incredible holiday, register now.  Links:  Cabot Trail in 4 DaysTour du Lac Bras d’Or.






Two Impromptu Rides starting from Albert Bridge.


Saturday, June 4, 2016 - 10:00am

Meeting:  Mira Ferry Market, Albert Bridge XTR

A 20km relaxed loop to Mira Gut beach by Bridkyard Rd and return by Hornes Rd to the Mira Ferry Market (map) for lunch.
longer loop to Mira Gut, Port Morien return to Mira Ferry Market via Birch Grove, Morrison Rd, Hwy 22 for a total of 55km.  Note:  Leg to Port Morien is part of CB Challenge Leg #3 that will be completed on Sunday.

Ride Leader: Micheline

Distance (km): 20 & 55 km

Level:   Easy to Moderate




Sunday, June 5, 2016 - 10:00am

Meeting: Mira Ferry Market, Albert Bridge XTR

A 23km  loop to Mira Gut and Catalone Gut with return to the Mira Ferry Market (map) for lunch via Hwy 22.
Same route but longer loop from Catalone Gut through Main-à-Dieu, Lorraine, Louisbourg and back on Hwy 22 to Mira Ferry Market for a total of 56km.
Note:  Mira Gut to Louisbourg finishes off  CB Challenge Leg #3 started on Saturday. 
Louisbourg to Albert Bridge is half of CB Challenge Leg #4.  If you have done the Season's Starter around the Mira on May 7th, you have completed the other half of Leg #4 then.

Ride Leader: Jacques

Distance (km): 23 or 56

Level: Moderate, some climbs






22 showed up last Tuesday for the first meet of the season at the Coxheath Arena.  


Two groups- 

 BEGINNER: Learn to ride right.  Get tips on shifting and safe riding techniques.  Short rides. 

So we ensure enough instructors please register at:


INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED-  Get together every Tuesday with other female cyclists and enjoy an evening of fun, friendship and riding.  Various routes each week.  Distance: 20-30 Kms.


WoW rides will run on Tuesdays from the Coxheath Arena at 6:00pm in June to mid-July.  Also, once a month weekend event rides will be posted on WOW Facebook site and Velo Cape Breton Website.





by: Michel Aucoin, Velo Club Chéticamp


Mark the date of July 16 in your calendar for the Across the Highlands Challenge by Velo Club Cheticamp. This fun, exciting and challenging event is the Mecca of mountain biking for all fitness levels. There's unofficial accolades praised upon the first place finishers who take on this long distance non-race the fastest. Take your fatties, your high end and even low end bikes and see some spectacular scenery along the way plus make a few new friends with riders from other parts of the province and country.

We will offer 3 different route options: a 25-30 km fun & scenic, avoiding the long steep climbs; a 40-45 km adventure ;  and a gruesome 60-65 km. We promise all the routes will offer lots of exhilarating and amazing vistas. Following the Challenge, we will again be offering a choice of an all you can eat crab dinner, a steak, or vegan dish, plus salads, and scrumptious deserts, all served with true Acadian hospitality.

If you plan on using motel or hotel accommodations, make sure to book early as mid July is the height of the tourist season. For those wishing to camp, there is the CBH National Park campground, the Plage St-Pierre (beach) campground, plus free camping on the school grounds with washroom facilities inside the school. Weather permitting, if enough people are interested, we will have an evening bon fire (musicians especially welcomed). Anyone wishing to extend their stay can also join us the next day (Sunday the 17th) for a leisurely ride along the scenic Salmon Pool Trail and enjoy a picnic and a swim in one of the lovely pools.

Register here.

Questions, suggestions? email, phone or text : , 902-224-0069








Friday, June 3, 10:00AM in Wolfville:


Bicycle Nova Scotia would like you to join us at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market on Friday, June 3rd at 10am to celebrate exciting news in the development of the Blue Route provincial cycling network. The Honourable Scott Brison and others will be on site to make an important announcement from the Government of Canada. BNS and our partners hope you will be there to learn more about how Nova Scotia’s cycling network is advancing in 2016 and how you can be a part of it.


No RSVP required. Make sure you bring your bike and join us for a ride after the announcement!


Learn more about the Blue Route vision at and connect with us at Bicycle Nova Scotia. Sincerely,


Ben Buckwold


Bikeways and Blue Route Implementation

Bicycle Nova Scotia




by:  Mark Beaver, 


ED:  Randonneuring is long distance cycling sport where riders attempt courses of 200km or more aiming to complete the distance within specified time limits.  The following is an invitation Mark sent his group a week ago.


Hello randonneurs - so - this Saturday we have one of our most challenging, yet most rewarding, rides of the schedule - our annual 400km brevet.  


Why rewarding? Well, riding through the night is the quintessential randonneur experience... it's magical, riding while everyone else is sleeping. There's virtually no traffic - out of town there's no streetlights, so you're riding by the illumination of the group's headlamps - hopefully the stars are out - it's quiet and still. Then near dawn, a faint red glow appears on the eastern horizon - the first birds begin to sing - the first rooster crows - the morning brightens into day. 


I recommend (if you can) get off work a little early, have supper and try to get a couple hours' sleep - have your bike fully prepared Thursday night. Have some "breakfast" before you leave for the roundabout - so your feeble brain thinks it's just a <really> early morning... yah, I know. 


All riders will be required to have bright lights and reflective vest. Those with battery lights will need a second light in case the first one dies - those with dynamo lights will need a battery light as backup as well. Steady red tail-lights are required - flashing lights are quite annoying in a group format. Lots of reflective clothing is a good idea, reflective legbands work well. We naturally ride a little slower through the hours of darkness so we'll try to stay together in one or two groups. It can be quite cool at night, colder than the forecast might indicate, so warm clothing, booties and gloves are strongly recommended. 


Mark Beaver - Randonneurs NS







Nova Scotia was one of the first canadian province to adopt the 1-metre law, even ahead of the province of Quebec where the number of cyclists is many times greater than in our province.


The thruth is now that Quebec has taken the lead to increase the safety of road users by enacting the 1.5 metre rule among other changes in their Highway Code.   It was about time!




CBRM Trails Day, Saturday, June 4. 2016

by:  Paul MacDougall,  VCB Member


Make tracks for the 2016 CBRM International Trails Day event.

Participants are encouraged to do as many local area trails in the CBRM (29) over the day. There are many groups events planned and the trail leader will set out at the given time. All welcome, bring friends.


8:00  Wake up the birds at Greenlinks Trail, Rotary Park. Saint Anthony Daniel Church Parking Lot. CBRM trail map #13.

10:00 Water strikers, digger logs, woodpeckers, squirrel middens & more at Baille Ard Trail. Sherwood Park School, Terrace St entrance. CBRM Trail map #14

12:30 Renwick Brook Walking Path, downtown Glace Bay. CBRM trail map #21.

2:30pm. John Bernard Croak Park at Beacon St, Glace Bay. Short walk to remember JBC, awarded the Victoria Cross in WW1. CBRM Trail map #19.

4:00pm. Petersfield Park Hike-a-dee walk in Westmount. CBRM trail map #16.

6:00pm. Hike to cabin on Coxheath Mtn for chocolate fondue. End of Coxheath road CBRM trail map #8.

8:00pm. Wrap up at Knox hall at the foot of the Coxheath trail. Sweets and tea, etc.


Check out the CBRM Trail Map online here:







Two Irish hunters got a pilot to fly them to Canada to hunt moose. 

They  bagged six. As they started loading the plane for the return trip,  the pilot said the plane could only take four moose.


The two  lads objected strongly. Last year we shot six, and the pilot let  us put them all on board and he had the same plane as  yours."


Reluctantly, the pilot gave in and all six were loaded.  However, even with full power, the little plane couldn't handle the  load and went down a few moments after take-off.


Climbing out  of the wreckage, Paddy asked Seamus, "Any idea where we  are?"


"Bejasus, I tink we're pretty close to where we crashed  last year."  




June 2nd,  2016



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