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VCB eNews, Vol 13, #36 - Bike Week 2016 - Good Reasons to Celebrate





Volume 13, #36  -  Bike Week 2016, Good Reasons to Celebrate!!!




Editorial:   Bike Week 2016, Good Reasons to Celebrate ! ! !

Through the 200,000km Mark!

Chasing Dogs? - Just Be Smarter!

Show-n-Go Rides

Women on Wheels

This Weekend


For Sale/Wanted

Loose Chain Links

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"Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling." 

~ James E Starrs





It's the middle of Bike Week, the first week of summer and our first week of really lovely weather.   What's not to celebrate!  This summer is full of good news for cyclists in CBRM. If you've travelled between Glace Bay and Sydney you will have noticed all the work being done on the Grand Lake Road Multi-use path that follows the highway.


The municipality has been able to secure significant funding to work on the path.  The budget for this year is confirmed to date at $1,346,000.00.  The CBRM has committed $475,000.00, ACOA $800,000.00 and the province $71,000.00.  And an additional $54,000.00 from the province has yet to be confirmed.


This funding will mean major portions of the Trail will be completed.  By the fall the section from Mayflower Mall to Cape Breton University will be completed except for a small section around Yolanda Drive.   This section will be finished once the province finalizes plans for this intersection.  The section from Reserve Mines towards the university will be finished to Forest Haven Memorial cemetery.  In total 7.7 kilometers of the 10 kilometer path will be finished.


But it gets better.  The province of Nova Scotia department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal has begun work on an overpass over Highway 125 near the Mayflower Mall and the end of Cowbay Road.  The overpass will include a multi-use path 4 meters wide similar to one built on the new bridge across Sydney river.  The .7k connector trail to the Mall will hopefully be built next year.


Enjoy Bike Week and check out the new cycling paths.




THROUGH  THE 200,000 km  MARK


Congratulations to one of our most dedicated riders of all.  Yesterday, Chris MacInnis reached a lifetime total of 200,000 km in 40 years ridden on a bicycle…  and it is not over!


Chris will ride the Cabot Trail for the 40th continuous year this summer.  Several years, he said, I did the trail more than once, up to four times.   






by: Shelley Porter, 


My strategy when I don't think I can outrun a dog or other pursuing animal (although I've only ever had dogs try to chase me on my bike) is to stop, being careful to have the bicycle between me and the dog. I noticed years ago that my dog, a beagle/duck tolling retriever cross with a very high prey drive, would stop, perplexed, if whatever he was chasing stopped fleeing from him. A bit risky for a wounded seagull, but I've found most dogs, when you stop and speak to them, are a bit embarrassed to find they've been chasing a human and not some bizarre alien animal. 


The chase instinct is triggered in canids when you run. We've even tried this with our horse, when a dog tries to follow us in an unfriendly way. Since we have the kind of horse who is a confident optimist and a herd protector (not the kind of horse that freaks out and blindly bolts), we've made out all right with this. Out on a ride down Black Rock Road last summer, we were followed by an aging pitbull who was very interested in the small beagle accompanying the horses. The horse I was riding was a bit nervous of the strange dog, so I asked my daughter to turn our horse to face  the pitbull. I'd observed our horse chase coyotes, deer, and an annoying dog out of the field, so I was pretty confident he'd be sensible. Laura turned Toffee around to face the dog. Toffee, ever the curious optimist, stared at the dog with ears up. The dog stopped, and moved back when the horse moved forward. He moved off the trail and we continued our ride. The pitbull continued to follow us at a distance, but veered off any time Laura turned the horse toward it.


I don't recommend this with just any horse or just any dog. By the same token, you have to decide if you feel safe trying to outrun a dog or getting off your bike to face one down. Always have a cell phone with you on your rides, and this is another one of those times when riding in a group is a darn good idea. I recommend trying to befriend the dog first - they are defending their territory and if you act threatening they get more motivated to be hostile. On one occasion I've had to use my bicycle to drive a dog away from myself and my two fellow cyclists and scream until somebody came out of a nearby house and took the dog away. 


In most jurisdictions in NS, allowing a dog to run at large is a bylaw infraction with a considerable fine (in Kings County, up to $5000). Have the Animal Control contact number on your phone. 


I also recall staying out of sight while a herd of semi-feral beef cattle crossed the road in the CB Highlands. Some animals you just don't mess with.


The only critter that didn't chase me when it had the option was a coyote in Kejimkujik Nat. Park that had been trolling the roadside begging for food from motorists. Apparently coyotes, like  many tourism operators, don't believe cyclists have anything worth making an effort to get.


If you get chased by a damn Emu (and there are emu farms in NS), you're on your own!


-Shelley P. 










Show-n-Go Rides continue tonight at 6:00 p.m. from Coxheath Arena on Keltic Drive.  Second to last ride tonight.  Last ride next week June 30th.


All VCB members are welcome,  $2. for non-members


The ride(s) will be 1-1.5 hour long.  Route(s) and pace will be decided on the spot.


Come and enjoy a friendly bike ride with VCB


Ride Leader:  Micheline & Jacques

Distance (km):  20 - 40

Level:  Easy & Moderate







Thank you all for coming out to Women on Wheels.  Your support is truly appreciated.  It was really good to see those of you who came out last Tuesday, as it was a tad on the cool side.  Nevertheless your smiles at the end of the ride said it all.  You guys were having fun! 


Just a reminder that Women on Wheels is held every Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm at the Coxheath Arena. Come and join us!







Saturday, June 25th,  10:00am


Meet:  Englishtown Community Hall.

For five years now the Englishtown MusselFest includes running and cycling components to their fundraising social gathering.


The Cycling component starts from the Community Hall at noon, goes counterclockwise around St. Ann’s (44km) to finish at the Hall where steamed mussels is served and performers entertain the crowd with music and stories.  

Of note, the section of the MusselFest ride around St. Ann's Bay is a large potion of Leg 22 of the Cape Breton Challenge.

Should you be inclined for a shorter ride, there's a group who will ride to Clucking Hen Cafe & Bakery in Indian Brook for lunch and come back.  Total distance 33km.
you feel a 61km ride is right for you after lunch at Clucking Hen, take a right on the Cabot Trail at Barrachois Brook, ride around St. Anns Bay and finish at Englishtown.


The event is organized by the Englishtown Community and Velo Cape Breton is a proud supporter of this festival.  


Come back for more information as we get closer to the event.


Ride Leader:   Organized by Musselfest Community, Englishtown.

Distance (km):   23 - 61

Level:  Easy & Moderate





Cape Breton Challenge Ride -  Legs 5, 6 and 7

Canada Day weekend


Option 1

Tentatively forming two groups to ride the distance between Gabarus and St. Peters.  Riding part of Leg 5, all of Leg 6 and Leg 7 in one day.

One group will drive to St. Peter's and start their ride from there to Gabarus.  The other group will drive to Gabarus and ride to St. Peter's.  Somewhere on the road the two groups will meet, car keys will be exchanged for riders to drive back home once arrived at their destination.  

Total distance is 87 km or about 5 hours including stops enroute.


Option 2

Self-supported tour.  Overnighter in St. Peters.

Friday, July 1st,  Gabarus to St. Peters : 87 km
Saturday, July 2nd,  St. Peters to Sydney :  87 km


Note 1:  Transportation of your gear can be arranged.
Note 2:  This tour is weather dependRnt.  It will start on Friday or Saturday.  We do ride in the rain, but we never ever go out of our way to start a ride in the rain.


Interested parties should contact Ride Leader Micheline or phone 562-8137


Ride Leader:  Micheline,

Distance (km):  87 - 174

Level:  Moderate & Challenging




Great Tartan Bicycle Ramble


This ride will be a one of a kind family-friendly cycling event in North Sydney!


You know you've always wanted to wear your favorite piece of tartan clothing, while riding a bicycle around town!! We knew it, too! So, Escape Outdoors is hosting the Great Tartan Bicycle Ramble on July 21st.


This is an event for the whole family, groups or come on your own. Just a $5 registration fee (proceeds donated to Bartown Festival) and EO will provide the snacks and refreshments.


Wear as little (tie or tam) or as much tartan as you like (head to toe) and there's a prize for the best, tackiest, tartan Highlander, to be decided by you.





Joe Howe Century


One, if not the oldest continuous cycling event in Nova Scotia is happening July 17.  Super well organized.

50/100/160K options for just $35!





Lost Shores Gran Fondo


September 10th 2016


Be a part of this rich history and experience the first annual Lost Shores Gran Fondo. With three road routes of 30km, 50km, and 90km and one 30km mountain route, this event has something to offer everyone. Register today to experience the beauty of the Lost Shores up close. 


Visit them on Facebook.






My name is Elise and my bicycle has become too small for me.   I want to sell it to get a larger one.  

This is a 20” Bike – Norco “Daisy”, single gear. It is in excellent condition.   I used it for only one season and took good care of it.   

Some of my money and mom’s money bought it for NEW for $230 + tax.   I want to get $100. for it.  I will consider your best offer.  


I live in West Mabou but my parents travels often to Sydney and Halifax, they said that arrangements could be made for drop off anywhere in between.    


Contact my mom Shauna at 902-258-7536 or email:






A sonar device sounds almost too high-tech to accompany the bells and mirrors usually mounted on a bike’s handle bars.


Ottawa police, however, were using them on their bicycles Thursday to educate drivers about a recently enacted law designed to protect cyclists sharing the road with cars.







 I was shocked, confused, bewildered

 as I entered Heaven's door,

 Not by the beauty of it all,

 by the lights or its decor.


 But it was the folks in Heaven

 who made me sputter and gasp--

 the thieves, the liars, the sinners,

 the alcoholics, the trash.


 There stood the kid from seventh grade  

 who swiped my lunch money twice.

 Next to him was my old neighbor

 who never said anything nice.


 Herb, who I always thought

 was rotting away in hell,

 was sitting pretty on cloud nine,

 looking incredibly well.

 I nudged Jesus, "What's the deal?

 I would love to hear Your take.

 How'd all these sinners get up here?

 God must've made a mistake.


 And why's everyone so quiet,

 so somber? Give me a clue."

 "Hush, child," said He "They're all in shock.

 No one thought they'd see you."


 Judge NOT.




June 23rd,  2016



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