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VCB eNews, Vol 13, #38 - A Tap On The Shoulder




Volume 13, #38  -  A Tap On The Shoulder




Editorial:   A Tap On The Shoulder

WOW Update

Heartland Tour 10th Anniversary


CBRM Bike Camps

Did You Know?

Muscle Loss from Inactivity

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"I’m lazy.  But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things." 

~ Lech Walesa






A Twitter post from Bicycle Nova Scotia on July 3rd.


Nova Scotia would not be building a bicycle culture without the amazing work of @Velo_CB.…


Thank You BNS.   VCB does  Like - Like - Like !




by:  Shelley Johnson


Women on Wheels Tuesday night rides is continuing throughout the summer. Ride meets at the County Arena for 6:00 pm. Come on out and enjoy a fun ride with some really great folks.


On another note, the  2016 Heartland Tour is coming to Sydney July 16th.  Women on Wheels has been invited to don our pink jerseys or pink shirts and be a presence of support on the Tour. 


The ride we will take is the 43km one leaving at 9:30 am.  (see below)


Please refer to the Heartland Tour Website for further details. 






Heartland Tour is a free public awareness campaign that uses the bicycle as a vehicle to educate and draw attention to reduction of cardiac illness and health risk in Nova Scotia.


This year is very significant as it is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Velo CB is partnering with Heartland Tour on July 16th, Saturday at Wentworth Park in Sydney.


Heartland Tour July 16th, Wentworth Park Sydney. Cyclists leave at 8:00am, 9:30am, and 11:30am depending on the chosen route.


Three bicycle routes for you to choose from will be available.

  1. Experienced cyclers a 69 km route around the Mira Leaving at 8 am
  2. 40 km Intermediate route around the Mira leaving at 9:30 am
  3. New to bicycling, 7.5 km route to Membertou leaving at 11:30 am


See route maps here:


The 10 anniversary celebrations will begin. Snacks and prizes will be given away.


Participants in Wentworth Park such as YMCA, Special Olympians, NS Heart and Stroke Foundation, Frameworks Cycle and Fitness, Belmac, Lawton's pharmacy and BMO will be celebrating this event as well by donating prizes.


The CB Family YMCA in conjunction with the VeloCB have donated 10 family one month passes to the YMCA.


There will be a draw for a beautiful bike, scooters, helmets, and many smaller prizes.


FREE Registration....FREE T-shirt when you arrive. You may register to cycle or walk...your choice, go to 







In view of the wet forecast for the weekend the Self Supported tour of CB Challenge Legs #11 to 14 has been postponed.  


Lots of better cycling days ahead.   Stay tuned!



Tuesday, July 12th


Rides held every Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm at the Coxheath Arena. Come and join us!



Saturday July 16th

Across the Highlands MTB Challenge

Veloclub Cheticamp now being the owners of AHC, a brochette of volunteers are preparing one of a kind AHC.  

Info and Registration at:

Registration closes July 10.




If you've not yet registered for AHC-2016 in Cheticamp, it's not too late to do so. You can register online at :


Free camping is available on school playground.


We offer an all you can eat post ride crab feast, plus steak or vegan for those who don't eat crab. And, of courser, scrumptious salads and deserts


If you register for any one of the three routes options, you will be treated to the challenges and spectacular vistas that the sea, the Highlands, and the rivers have to offer in Cheticamp.


Michel Aucoin,

Chair AHC 16


for information, phone, text or email : 902-224-0069,






Sunday July 17th

Joe Howe Century

One, if not the oldest continuous cycling event in Nova Scotia is happening July 17.  Super well organized.

50/100/160K options for just $35!



Sunday July 17th

The 2016 BIG RIDE

300 km around the Cabot Trail in one day.

For more information and registation go to:




Thursday, July 21st

Great Tartan Bicycle Ramble

This ride will be a one of a kind family-friendly cycling event in North Sydney!


Check recent posts on the Facebook page for details and all kinds of interesting stuff.














The first Open Streets in Sydney was held on Victoria Day 2005 in Sydney.  The downtown perimeter formed by Charlotte, Townsend, George and Dorchester streets have been closed from motorized traffic from 10am to noon for the event.  Great fun was had.  See collection of pictures here.



The 2016 International Open Streets Summit, to be held August 18-21 in Portland, Oregon. This fourth annual event will feature sessions and networking opportunities for both novice and experienced open streets organizers. Participants will hear from inspiring keynote speakers and have the opportunity to take part in Portland's very own open streets initiative, Portland Sunday Parkways. Learn more and register at the link below.






source:  Dr. Mirkin's free FITNESS & HEALTH NEWSLETTER


A study from the University of Copenhagen shows that wearing an immobilizing knee brace for just two weeks caused men in their 20s to lose 22 to 34 percent of their leg muscle strength, while men in their 60s lost 20 to 26 percent (Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, June 26, 2015).


It took them six weeks of exercising on a bicycle 3-4 times a week to restore the leg muscle size and ability to exercise, but even that did not fully restore the leg muscle strength. 


This study shows that:

* When muscles of young men are immobilized for two weeks, they lose strength equivalent to aging 40 or 50 years.

* As soon as you stop moving, your muscles start to weaken.

* The larger your muscles, the more muscle you have to lose.

  • Younger and stronger people lose strength even faster than older people.


Other studies show that it takes three times the amount of time you were inactive to regain the muscle size that you have lost, probably because you were immobilized 24 hours a day and you exercise for only a short time each day.






A foursome is waiting on the men's tee, while another foursome of ladies is hitting from the ladies tee.  The ladies are taking their time, when finally the last lady is ready to hit the ball.  She hacks the ball 10 feet, goes over and hacks it another 10 feet, then hacks it another 10 feet. 
She looks up the men, who are watching impatiently and says apologetically: "I guess all those f*#%g lessons I took this winter didn't help".
One of the men immediately replies: "Well, you know, that appears to be your problem.  You should have taken golf lessons instead".
To this day, a memorial marker for him stands next to that tee.




July 7th,  2016



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