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Choosing your bicycle

I have two bicycles in the basement. One is a 10-speed road bike, some 30 years old and the other one is my son's mountain bike that he replaced with a full-suspension expensive bicycle last year. Which one should I use? Do I need to buy a new bicycle for myself to ride with Velo Cape Breton?
Good question and not easy to answer.

  1. Take the "Old 10-speed" for example. Although a road bike is preferable to a mountain bike for distance riding, one needs to look at other considerations before comitting to a definite answer. This "Old 10-speed" could be anything from a well maintained custom frame with good quality components to an old "clunker" which is in dire need of maintenance, and is probably unsafe to ride due to a rust-weakened frame, or a size not fit to your body size.
  2. Thinking the "newer" Mountain Bike is more suited to ride with Velo Cape Breton is probably wrong too.

To tell you frankly, the answer to this question is in the rider... YOU. Only YOU can answer this question. Ultimately, you should investigate your goals, needs, abilities, the methods of properly fitting a bicycle, and frame & component quality before arriving at a final decision. Your primary travel routes, terrain and riding habits may require more than one type of bicycle. For example: * A hybrid may suit your commuting needs, while a road racing bike matches your fitness routine. * A sport touring bike may suit your transportation and fitness purposes. * A hardtail mountain bike may satisfy your commuting and recreational needs. * A single-speed may be the only bike you need, etc. The possible combinations are only limited by your imagination, your needs and your pocketbook. The size of your bank account should not be an impediment however, with the ready availability of quality, used bicycles. Don't be tempted to go overboard either, like buying an $80,000. SUV to do errands.... Or do silly things like getting a nice pair of expensive brand name trekking boots if your objective is to do a bit of jogging around the block in the Spring... More at:

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