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Choosing a Saddle

It Hurts My Butt!

The saddle that is confortable on long rides is the right saddle for you.   Obvious isn't it?

A really bad saddle can be detected immediately or on a short ride.   Cheap bicycles generally have painful saddles, not so much because they are badly made as because they are badly designed. As with shoes, some people are comfortable with one shape while others prefer a different shape.

The softness of the seat is almost irrelevant to comfort.  The size, shape, and position are far more important to comfort than softness.  Firmer more supportive seats are often more comfortable for the long haul.

One day a reporter asked Lance Armstrong, five times winner of the Tour de France, if he has pain sitting on his bike.   His reply was: "Why do you think I wear padded shorts?"

Seat position and adjustment is also important.

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