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Lube for Winter Riding

Here is a tech tip for winter riding. The cold temperatures we are having cause everything to get stiff on your bike. To keep things moving, switch to transmission fluid as a lube for things other than your chain. Just a drop on each derailleur pivot and brake pivot. Rub some on your cables where they run through the housing. Regular chain lubes and wax lubes are too thin and wear off quickly in cold conditions. Transmission fluid is much better than motor oil because it is meant to work in cooler temperatures. For the chain, it is better to switch to a wet lube that is meant for bicycle chain such as White Lightning Wet, or Pedros Syn Lube.  Once again, dry lubes just don't cut it in the winter.  It's a little messier, but better protection for your valuable components.

by: Bill Goldston, Framework Fitness and Bikes, Sydney

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