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Terms of Reference / Past Winners



It is the Policy of the Club to present awards to valuable members and related organizations with the purpose of recognizing volunteers for their outstanding services to VCB, special action supporting the mission and objectives of the Club.   

The following awards, listed in random order are not necessarily attributed on a yearly basis.

Around the end of the year, the Awards Coordinator invites three persons from the membership to compose the Selection Committee.  The people are chosen because of their involvement with the club, their integrity, or for having been recipient of an award in the past.

Recipients are selected from the nominations received from the Executive, Chapter Directors and the membership based on the following criteria.  Note: an Award can be attributed to the same person for more than once but every effort will be made to recognize the efforts of those passionate individuals who have made any valuable contribution based on their available time and resources.    

Awards will normally be attributed at a Social early in the New Year, before the cycling seasons begin in earnest.



1.   "M3"  Award  to the Most Motivating Member.

    How to participate:  There is that person inside the club that is a model for you, that was inspiring you to get on your bike more often to help you discover the hidden joys of cycling.  Maybe that person has been riding there with you on a longer than usual ride which you did not find so long after-all.  Maybe you have another reason.  

    Well, it is time to honour or say Thank You to this secret person.  Write up a little narrative on this person telling why he or she is, in your own words, the Most Motivating Member.  

    The M3 will be selected by the discriminate Jury from all the submissions received.


2005 - Carmel Gallant

2006 - Louise Marchand, Daniel Roy

2007 - Wayne & Marcie McKay

2008 -  Bernice Burt

2009 -  Ken Cadegan

2010 - Shelley Porter

2011 - Howard Knight

2012 - Mike Gillis

2013 - NormaJean Denney

2014 - Monika Dutt

2015 - Felix Vainio-Mattila



2.   The Best Photo Contest in "Cyclists", "People", and "Outdoors" Categories.  Well... the best photographer!

    How to participate:  Review your photos of the past year and select your best(s).  Sort them in three categories:

    1.  Cyclists -  cyclists in action, individuals or groups standing, and such.

    2.  People  -  pictures taken at VCB events either indoors (i.e. meetings, socials) or outdoors (i.e. around the bonfire, camping, snowshoeing, xc-skiing, etc.).  

    3.  Outdoors - pictures of landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, elements of nature such as trees, plants, flowers, animals, taken while on a bicycle ride or tour.

    Pictures submitted could be on paper or digital, large or small.  For each picture provide:

        1.  name(s) of the people on the picture, (if applicable);

        2.  name of the photograph;

        3.  when & where the photo was taken.

    Email your pictures now to have a chance to win and award.  Even if your picture(s) is/are not a winner, all participants in the contest will have their names in the hat for a draw of a prize.   email your pictures to:   ????????????   or   smail to:  ?????????????

Winners in 2008  -  

Photo Awards  Juris Lazovskis, Peter Ross and Chris Milburn and,

Overall Best Photo Peter Ross.

2009 - 2015  Not run.    



3.   Ride Leader of the Year Award  

    How to participate:  In 200? (##) volunteers acted as Ride Leaders.  Thank and honor one of them by sending your nominations for the Ride Leader of the Year.  The largest number of nominations one receives is the winner.  Another round of voting will be made at the Annual VCB Potluck held in January.

Winner in 2008 - Ambrose Delaney

2009:  Not run 

2010:  Wayne McKay

2011:  Vic Gouthro

2012 - 2015:  Not run



4.   Participation Award

    If you took part on most rides and events of the VCB Schedule, you have a chance to win this award!...  Ride Leaders will make their recommendation to the Jury as to who, in their view, participated the most to the success of the rides.  Sometimes it's a very simple thing like being there, or offering to lead a small group of riders, or helping in setting up bikes/tents, or providing pertinent information (historical, anecdotes, etc) on the ride, etc. 


2006 - Albert MacDonald

2007 - Joseph Landry

2008 - Colleen Stinson 

2009 -  Gerard Olszowiec

2010 -  Lonnie L. Jones

2011 -  René Aucoin

2012 -  Paul MacDougall

2013 - Art Spencer

2014 - Cheryl Berube

2015 - Carla Arsenault & Denise Sakalauskas



5.   Volunteer of the Year 

    This person is named by the President for it's outstanding contribution to the advancement of the objectives of the Club.  The President's Choice Award!  In nomination are all members, "riding" and "supporters" on the current year membership list.


2006 - Donny MacLellan

2007 - Margaret Crowdis

2008 -  Guy Lafosse 

2009:  Chris Milburn

2010:  André Gallant

2011:  MaryJane Morrison

2012 - The VCB Cycling Ambassadors

2013 - Charlene & Stan Wadden

2014 - JP Martin

2015 - Shelley Johnson


6.  Commuter of the Year

    The recipient of this award will be selected by the Jury from a list of cyclists nominated by you VCB members.  On top of being a regular commuter, this person would have displayed all the characteristics of the "model" cyclist,  i.e. observance of the Rules of the Road, courtesy and "good manners".


2006 - Billy Devoe

2007 - John Ardelli

2008 -  Janice Bates 

2009 - Jimmy Campbell

2010 - Paul MacKenzie

2011 - Michel Aucoin

2012 - Shelley Johnson

2013 - Patrice-Antoine Trudel

2014 - Dianne Wadden

2015 - Monika Dutt



7. "Bicycle Friendly" Award

    This award will be attributed to the establishment on Cape Breton Island who brought an outstanding contribution to the development of cycling on Cape Breton Island. In nomination are all the establishments of the Bicycle Friendly Network and every other establishment serving the public.  The winner will be selected by the Jury on recommendation of the BF Network project coordinator.


2008 - Frameworks, Cycle & Fitness, Sydney

2009 -  Bras D'Or Lakes Inn,  St. Peters.

2010 -  Destination Cape Breton

2011 -  Cabot Shores Retreat

2012 - Bean Bank Café

2013 - Noelle’s Country Market

2014 - 2015  Not Run



8. "Most Improved Cyclist" Award

    It is recognized that every new members who joined the ranks of VCB this year and started cycling on a regular basis made an important change in their lifestyle.  Only this in itself is a major improvement but the "Most Improved Cyclist" award will go to the member who displayed the most dramatic transformation and constitute a vibrant example of dedication, perseverance for its peers.  

    In nomination are all those first year cyclists, those who joined VCB in the last two years.


2008:   Tera Camus 

2009:  Paul MacKenzie

2010:  Shelley Johnson

2011:  Art Spencer

2012 - Chrissy Smith

2013 - TrudyMackenzie

2014 - Louise Fleming

2015 - Rosalind Wright



9.  "Best VCB Chapter" Award  

    The award is given to the Director who, by it's leadership and committment moved the goals and objectives of VCB further in their community.  This goes from recruitment of new members, leading clinics, rides and events, and the like.  All Directors of the seven VCB Chapters are eligible for this award.  


2008 - Strait Area Chapter directed by David Yetter.

2009:  Chéticamp directed by Michel Aucoin,  Philippe Haché

2010:  Glace Bay  (Director  Collette Smith)

2011:  Isle Madame Chapter  (Director Dr. Philip Smith)

2012 - Chéticamp directed by Michel & René Aucoin.

2013 - Strait Area Chapter

2014 - 2015 :  Not Run



10.  Cycling Family Award

Parental support plays an important role in enhancing physical activity.  The award will be attributed to the family whose parent(s) have demonstrated the most the characteristics of supportive parents.  Have taken all opportunities to participate on rides and cycling events with their cycling children in educative, social, fun and non-competitive manners.  This award is introduced in 2012 for the first awardees named at the 2013 Potluck.


2012 - Shauna Barrington & Chad Munro family, Nila, Elise.

2013 - Shelley Porter, daughter Laura, son Alex

2014 - Paula McNabb, André Gallant, sons Graeme and Max

2015 - Nichol, Devon and Sean MacNeil



11.  Cycling Community Supporter Award  

Velo Cape Breton has a tradition of working with groups, businesses and individuals etc. across the island to present events and also in our advocacy work.   Often these people or entities are not members of Velo but play a significant role in furthering Velo's goals.  Examples would be a service club that supported an event, a non-profit organization that wrote letters of support or donated space or services, a politician who has shown leadership and produced results, a business that has donated to our efforts.  The Award is to show our appreciation to these individual/s.


2013 - Rick McCready, CBRM Planning Dept..

2014 - Gerard Jessome, Director Eastern District of the NS Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

2015 - Carl Felming, Managing Editor, Cape Breton Community Post.

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