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VCB eNews, Volume 12, #32 - How To Make a Lobster Roll ?




Volume 12, #33: How to Make a Lobster Roll

Shelley Porter, Editor



Editorial: How to Make a Lobster Roll

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“A fish may not need a bicycle, but in Cape Breton in June, cyclists make sure lobsters roll.”

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Lobsters, known to scientists by the Latin name Homerus americanus, are interesting animals. They begin their life cycle as tiny larvae that float within the sea currents, at the mercy of wind and waves. They occur all along the coast of Nova Scotia, from the shallows off beaches to the cold, dark ocean water at 700 metres depth. Accessible as they are to both waders and deep-sea trappers, the lobster has had many uses. Lobsters have been thrown down on the land as “worthless” fertilizer, and raised up to grace tables as a luxury dish. An edible coating made from lobster shells is used to preserve apples. Lobster fishing licences can be worth more than my house, and the industry is worth millions of dollars. The lobster is key to Nova Scotia’s economy, a feature of our tourism industry, and a cultural icon recognizable to residents and visitors alike. 


Perhaps because lobsters are in season in many places around Nova Scotia in June, it’s traditional to have lobster on Father’s Day. Velo Cape Breton, in fine Nova Scotia style, holds its annual Lobster Roll Rides on Father’s Day. It is the perfect opportunity to get out for a bike ride with your Dad, or to honour his memory. My father loved lobster, we always got him some for Father’s Day, and he also loved to bicycle. So it’s a fitting tribute to him for me to be out on my bicycle in lobster country on Father’s Day.


This year’s Lobster Roll Rides originate from the Emera Centre in North Sydney. The rides comprise three loops, two of 40 km each and one of 20 km. If you complete all three, you will have ridden a metric century and consumed at least two lobster rolls! You also will have toured some of the prettiest country the Cape Breton Municipality has to offer, past farms and forests and inspiring vistas over the Bras d’Or Lakes. The second stage includes Barrachois Mountain, with an elevation of 339 metres. The climb is gradual, so you don’t realize how high up you’ve pedaled until you start the descent. Something like that story about boiling a lobster . . . or was that a frog?


While the first two rides travel in a southerly direction, the last goes northwest to Florence and Sydney Mines. This route takes you past scenic coastline both on the Bras d’Or and Sydney Harbour off Seaview Drive. Sydney Mines was founded in 1784, and American prisoners of war worked the coal mines there during the American Revolution. The town was also the filming location for the 1981 film, My Bloody Valentine. (No lobsters were harmed in the making of this movie).


The first Lobster Roll Ride starts at 9 am, starting and ending at the Emera Centre. The next stage starts at 11:30 am, and the final at 2 pm. You can do as many or as few of the three rides as you like. Note that the organizers of the rides give you a chance to eat a lobster roll as early as 11 am, after which you will have convinced yourself you can actually cycle 100 km after all, and you really want another lobster roll. Registration is necessary, and all the relevant information can be found at:


Come on out and join us – it will make your Dad proud!



Jacques about to taste his lobster roll after Leg #2 of Lobster Roll Ride in Glace Bay in 2014. (Trudy MacKenzie, photo)






Not much riding to report for this past week but I was at several meetings to spread the word about Velo and its activities. Radio spots for the Lobster Roll Ride will have started to air this week with the co-operation of The Giant/The Eagle. Details about this ride are also on the CBRM Active Transportation site. Click on link  CBRM-Active Transportation   We now have a new semi-serious position on the VCB Board, which I have taken on as part of my role as Rides Captain. It also has a title: "Official Nag".  My new duties will be to remind everyone of all rides and remind everyone to sign up or renew their membership at every available opportunity.

I realize the weather has not been co-operating but it is time to pull out those wool socks and go for a ride. It will breathe new life into your winter- weary souls. All the Bike Week events are free, and there are a lot of them. 


Friday (June 12th) VCB will set up a booth at the Mayflower Mall to talk everything about cycling from the selection of a bicycle, best places to rides, mechanic tips, gearing and even how to prevent a sore “derrière” on long rides.  You can see our new banner for the Lobster Roll Ride, and also renew your membership and sign up for the ride, which is only 10 days away. If you haven't been getting out on your bike, never fear. This year you can ride anywhere from 20 km to 100 km in 10 km increments. What could be easier than that? The volunteers will have all kinds of good advice and if you stop by the booth, you may get a pleasant surprise.           

Upcoming events: (1)Ride around Point Edward at the Cape Breton Farmers Market (on Keltic Drive) on Saturday the 13th. Be ready for an 11 am departure.


(2)Ride in Glace Bay on Sunday the14th. Meet behind Talo cafe for an 11 am departure.


(3)Commuter breakfast at ACAP Friday morning (the12th) 7:30 -9:00


(4)LOBSTER ROLL RIDE on Father's Day the 21st of June. All rides are starting at the Emera Centre. The longer the ride you pick, the earlier you leave/register. First ride starts at 9 am. More info and online Registration at:


(5)Englishtown Musselfest, June 27th. Register at their community hall by 11am for a ride around St. Ann’s Bay (~ 44km) . Pit stop for water/fruit included


(6)Miner’s Pick Ride in Glace Bay the 28th of June a Sunday depart at 1 pm.


(7)WOW rides every Tuesday evening with Shelley J., as well as Show -n-Go rides with Jacques and Micheline Thursday evenings from Coxheath Arena. 6 pm departure times.







Dear VCB Editor,


Club members and newsletter readers  may recall Don Patterson’s cross-Canada ride in 2012 – some of us had a chance to ride with Don when he came over the causeway to Cape Breton, before his stop at the YMCA, enroute to the Marine Atlantic ferry to Newfoundland.   Don went coast to coast in 29 days, averaging over 250km per day.


Don has a new challenge: the 7000 km Spirit Ride, in support of Aboriginal youth fitness, will start in Inuvik in the far north and will finish at Point Pelee, Canada’s southernmost point.  Please see the Spirit Ride website and Don’s blog, at


I hope readers will considering supporting the Spirit Ride.





Andre Gallant



YMCA of Cape Breton

Frank Rudderham Family YMCA

399 Charlotte Street, Sydney, NS  B1P 1E3

T: 902-562-9125   M: 902-578-4033  E:     Facebook   Twitter


Editors’s Note: You can also donate to the Spirit Ride initiative at:

Or at:

(funds may be directed to your local YMCA if you wish)



Registration is now open for the Heartland Tour:

The Heartland Tour is a public awareness campaign that uses the bicycle as a vehicle to educate and draw attention to a topic that is of vital importance – the reduction of cardiac and health risk factors in the health of Nova Scotians. Our priority is to increase awareness and grow family participation, understanding that obesity and high blood pressure trends are a threat to our children, families and health care system. A strong emphasis is placed on creating events that are family friendly. For more information, go to








At last, Women on Wheels pushes the pedal down.  After 2 weeks of bad weather and cancellations..... well maybe normal weather for here,  WOW had a successful turnout.  Thank you to all who came out to Tuesday night.  We hope you had fun and learned a few cycling tips along the way.   For those returning nice to see you back.  You are the back bone to this program and for those that are new to cycling,  I hope that you enjoyed this evening’s ride and instruction.  Thank you to Andree Creapeau,who is a CAN BIKE Instructor for her knowledge and expert advise and Micheline Guillot who  teaches the finer aspects of hands on cycling. We couldn’t ask for better mentorship.  That is exactly what WOW is about.  Women teaching women.  If you are thinking about joining us on Tuesday nights, please do. We want to see you and feel welcome to come.  One other note, there is a Facebook page that we have developed and I would ask you to check out,


Please check us out for the latest info and upcoming events for Women on Wheels.  See you all next Tuesday, June 16th  at 6:00 pm at Noelle’s Country Market on Keltic Drive.

WOWs riding along West Arm this past Tuesday's ride. (Shelley Johnston photo)





Yoga for cyclists:


Whoa. Just bad.


Glad I drink tea:


Instead, be Zen and get one of these:


Make cycling more comfortable:


Beat the cycle of depression with cycling:


New cycling venture in Sydney:




 (Ads will run for 3 weeks; if your item has not sold in that time, please resend the ad to the editor. Thanks!)


FOR SALE: Giant Cypress comfort bike. Men’s, size 17 in. Excellent condition, just tuned up at SportChek. $200. Contact


Still for sale: Cleats, suitable for eggbeater-style pedals. Crank Brothers brand. New, still in box, ordered wrong model. $10. Contact






A cormorant walks into a pharmacy and asks for lip balm. The pharmacist puts the balm on the counter and asks the shag, “How would you like to pay for that?”

The cormorant replies, “Just put it on my bill”.



Where do lobsters catch the train? 

Kings Crustacean



What happened to the shark that swallowed a bunch of keys?

It got lockjaw.




Shelley Porter,  

Editor, Velo Cape Breton eNewsletter

VCB Cycling Ambassador.

June 11th, 2015



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