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VCB eNews, Volume 12, #37 - What's a Little White Line?



Volume 12, #37: What’s a Little White Line ?



Editorial: What’s a Little White Line ?

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“Now my soul hath elbow room.”

  • Wm. Shakespeare, King John, Act v. Sc. 7




by: Andrée Crépeau, V. President, Velo Cape Breton


This particular little white line can make or break a cyclist’s relationship with the road.  On the weekend we took a trip down north that is we took the English town ferry and met friends for lunch.  And on this ride you get to enjoy the best and the worst of the Cabot Trail.   The worst being the  condition of the pavement on the Jersey Shore and what could have been the best- the section of new pavement from Indian Brook to Breton Cove.  I use the phrase could have been because this section was paved last year and is designed with the new wider paved shoulders that the province has adopted as the Cabot Trail Standard.  Unfortunately, this section of road has not been painted so even though cyclists now enjoy a paved shoulder of more than a meter without the paint it’s hard to know it’s there.


The important little white line is the white line on the far right of the travel lane, known as the ‘’fog line’’.  It determines the width of the travel lane and were the shoulder starts.  You can explore the standard widths of travel lanes and shoulders on the website for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.  You’ll find that widths of everything increase with the amount of traffic and the speed.


Any one who has undertaken the construction of a house, shed or whatever knows that what gets planned and what gets built often varies a bit, sometimes for the good and sometimes not.


Last year CBRM’s Active Transportation Staff committee undertook a review of the roads under their jurisdiction to identify those with unnecessarily wide travel lanes.  The objective was to find existing paved roads that could have shoulders approximately 1.5m wide by moving the fog line.  They looked at roads that connected destinations, they reviewed the state of the pavement, costs involved in ensuring a bike travel lane that would meet standards etc. etc..


The result was 6km of 1.5m shoulders were added to the cycling infrastructure of CBRM in 2014.  In Glace Bay the exercise found 2km on Brookside street from Dominion to Downtown, and a further 3km on Dominion St.   On Reserve St. from Phalen road to the Glace Bay High School access road you’ll find another kilometre of approximately 1.5m wide shoulders.


This year the committee is hoping to add 8km more.  In Sydney the new lines will create a 1.5m wide shoulder on Alexandrra St. from the Prime Brook boundary to the former St. Anthony Daniel Church or 3 km.   Trunk 28 starting at Station St. in Glace Bay, continuing to Dominion and ending at the second entrance to Dominion Beach Provincial Park.  (Sounds like a great opportunity to cycle to a lovely strip of sand!)  And finally the best news for last. On Memorial Drive in the Northside Industrial Park between Convent Street and Memorial High school the shoulder will be 1.8m which is the widest recommended on road bike lane width.   You will excuse me if I think of it as the ’’cadillac’’.


You will notice that I haven’t called these lovely wide shoulders Bike Lanes.  Although I’m happy to recognize that a white line and a paved shoulder as a ‘’bike lane’’  these while meeting the size requirement won’t get the official designation.  First, any paved shoulder on a provincial roadway can’t be designated as a bike lane with the signage etc. as the province hasn’t yet approved standards for bike lanes.  On the roads controlled by CBRM the municipality has decided against making them official bike lanes as cars can’t pull off the road and park in them.  They’ve decided to sign them as bike routes to help educate motorists to expect cyclists.  Not everyone will be happy with that decision but I for one love paved shoulders as long as the fog line gives me space.  I’m quite willing to wait for the rest of the signage.


Happy trails and hat’s off the CBRM AT committee for being creative and finding more ways to improve our infrastructure.





Brookside St.  Glace Bay,  (Photo by Stan Wadden)






I have come to the conclusion that I have a bunch of squirrels running around in my head and they are messing with my time sense.  So that I don't forget to write about them.  The weekend of the 18th of July, Saturday is going to see a lot of activity.  There are three rides going on.

  1. The Across the Highlands, a major attraction for mountain bikers.
  2. The "Big Ride" a fund raiser that will be attempting to do the Cabot Trail in one day and, 
  3. On the Mira with Art Spencer - Art Spencer is the inspiration for this ride.  Meet at 12:30 at their cottage on the Mira. 1211 Hillside Roa.  It will be a 1 p.m. start.Bring your own main course to BBQ afterwards and go for a dip in the Mira to cool off.  It will be a 30 Km. ride on good roads. Please see the Velo website for full details there, that is taken care of for now. 

If you haven't been going to the homepage, you have missed another great ride this weekend - Isle Madame Brunch and BBQ that took place on Saturday the 11th.  I was looking after rabbits and other projects and still haven't managed to make that ride.  Next year for sure!

I did enjoy the WNBR2015 (world naked bike ride) in Halifax.  Passersby had a great laugh  and were very supportive with horns/waves etc…  This ride has - while on the surface seeming to be very frivolous - a serious message.  For all intents and purposes there is nothing between a cyclist and the road as the clothes we wear may as well be nothing in an accident.  It also tries to bring awareness to people about the biking culture, the need to replace cars on the road with more environmentally friendly alternatives, to reduce environmental damage caused by oil and its by products, and to encourage a more healthy life style.  

Have fun and ride your bike.  You don't have to be naked to enjoy it.  But if you are, be sure to wear lots of sunscreen (even if you are not naked).  Sunburns can cause lasting effects not least of which is skin cancer and other damage.  I had to add that for my dermatologist friends.  Don't let anything ruin your riding experience.


JP Martin, Rides Captain








By popular demand, the WoW meets will continue on Tuesday evenings in July.  


Rides start at 6:00 pm from Noelle’s Market on Keltic Drive at Balls Creek.






The official opening of the Greenlink Trail system will take place at noon on July 22 ( Maillard Street entrance). Mayor Clarke and Chief Paul of Membertou have both agreed to participate. 

The trail system is approximately 3 km (2 miles) in length, with some longer routes such as Shandwick St. to the Regional Hospital or St. Anthony Daniel Ball Field to the Hospital both at 2.2 km. (1.3 miles) one way. 

The trails are generally 3 metre (10 foot) wide gravel paths suitable for walkers and cyclists.  Scenic natural area bordering Wentworth Creek and historic reservoir. Benches are located along the path.

These trails be accessed in several locations, including the end of Maillard Street in Membertou (near the Hampton Inn), Churchill Drive, the Cape Breton Regional Hospital (rear entrance), the end of Shandwick Street, Mount Kemmel Street (entrance is just to the left of Skateboard Park and St. Anthony Daniel Ball Field) and Rotary Drive. Parking lots are located at the Rotary and Churchill entrances.






August 9 @ 9:00 am

Event Navigation

On August 9th we invite you to join the growing number of cyclists who gather at Rotary Park in Middleton where the Heart of the Valley Century Ride begins and ends. The small towns and country scenery enjoyed while pedaling the rolling hills of Annapolis County can only be described as picturesque.  Wonderful views, fun terrain and terrific people!  It’s no surprise cyclists return year after year. 

A ride for all levels and experience: 1/4 century (25K) 1/2 century (50K) Metric Century (100K) Full Century (160K) The 2014 Century Ride was a great success with over 400 cyclists participating.  We thank our sponsors and volunteers for their tremendous support!  Can’t wait to see you all out for the 7th Annual Heart of the Valley Century Ride on August 9, 2015.


Heart of the Valley Century Ride - Bicycle Nova Scotia






This section features bike-friendly places and spaces, as submitted by our members. You can write in and tell us about a retail or service outlet that encourages cycling, whether it be by offering cyclist-friendly food, safe pathways, or just being there when you need it (like a public washroom).


If you haven’t experienced cycling on Isle Madame yet, you’ve missed something.  Lovely Isle Madame is the 35 sq. km. Island in the south-west corner of Cape Breton that is alive with an abundance of nature beauty and Island culture.

The area of beautiful Isle Madame has many points of interest for all to explore. Set out for a day or many on one of our many roads and dead end trails leading to highlight discoveries.  Visit the Forge Museum which was restored in 1967 and features artifacts from Isle Madame’s historic past, or spend a lazy afternoon relaxing beachside.  

If you are looking for a region to inspire your creativity, Isle Madame has a growing community of artists, writers, entrepreneurs, musicians and crafts people. 






Spicy Currie, an electric cargo bike designed for families to knock out errands quickly and efficiently.


Sharrow pilot road markings in Ottawa.  An eye-openener.  Check this one out.








 (Ads will run for 3 weeks; if your item has not sold in that time, please resend the ad to the editor. Thanks!)



WANTED: I'm 5'2" and look for a women's road bike size Small.

email:  Carla Arsenault



FOR SALE: Giant Cypress comfort bike. Men’s, size 17 in. Excellent condition, just tuned up at SportChek. $200. Contact


Still for sale: Cleats, suitable for eggbeater-style pedals. Crank Brothers brand. New, still in box, ordered wrong model. $10. Contact


Still available: FOR SALE: Two mountain bikes, one Giant Rincon 6061 aluxx, frame size 14 in., $300; one Norco XFR, frame size 15, $300. Both about 4 years old, rarely used, stored inside. Will sell together for $500. Contact Heather at







The Senior T-Shirt!  We are Valuable!! 

We are more valuable than any of the younger generations:

We have silver in our hair,

We have gold in our teeth,

We have stones in our kidneys,

We have lead in our feet,

… and,

We are loaded with natural gas!!




Shelley Porter,

Editor, Velo Cape Breton eNewsletter

VCB Cycling Ambassador.

July 16th, 2015





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