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VCB eNews, Volume 12, #45 - One of Us




Volume 12, #45: One of Us

Shelley Porter, Editor



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“[Streets] are social spaces where humans, with all their physical and emotional vulnerability, interact with each other.”

  • Tom Fucoloro, Seattle Bike Blog






I get up very early in the morning (so I can bicycle, of course) and part of my morning ritual is to switch on CBC Radio One and listen to the news. I’ve been a CBC radio fan most of my life, and something is missing if I don’t have those familiar voices in the background as I go about my daily chores. 


This morning when I turned on the radio, one of the first things I heard was the terrible news that “a cyclist” had been killed in a collision with a motor vehicle in Sydney. It had happened in the evening, a warm evening after a muggy, bright day. I had been out cycling myself at around that same time. 


I listened intently to the news report, for the details of the location and flipped through my mental files on cyclists I know – where they live, their usual routes for work or training. There were few details about the incident, only that the fatally injured person was a “male cyclist”.


At least my children, if they heard the report, would know it wasn’t me. I could think of several friends and acquaintances it might be, and was relieved as social media proved it was none of them. 


Cape Bretoners have a strong sense of identity and community, those things that make you feel you belong in a place and are part of a group of like individuals. It is amusing to see how quickly we point out that someone with ties to the Island who does well is “one of us”. We share in their accomplishment and feel a collective pride. We are quick to defend and protect those we believe are “one of us”.


I have to admit that when I heard the news about the fatal incident, my first thought was, “Is it one of us?”


Throughout the course of the day I was asked several times if I knew the individual who had been involved in the collision. As far as I knew, no, I didn’t. The assumption was, since I am cyclist, I must know most, if not all, other cyclists in this small town. Cyclists – an accurate enough label for those people who ride around on bicycles. If someone is described as a “cyclist”, an image comes to mind, the individual is slotted into a category, and all kinds of characteristics are ascribed to them, without one ever having met them.


Labels are useful things: they tell what’s inside the package, where it came from, whether or not you should be cautious of the contents. They simplify. They dehumanize. 


My son used to ride his bicycle to his refereeing assignments. He rides his bicycle to work and to university classes. Does he label himself a cyclist? Absolutely not. If he were involved in a collision while traveling by bicycle, would he be described as a cyclist? Apparently so. But he’s not a “cyclist”. He’s a guy riding a bicycle to get from one place to another. Just like the person driving the car that may hit him is just a person driving a car to get from one place to another.


I’ve long believed that the Universe is no respecter of days or the meaning we ascribe to them or to anything. We give days, moments, things, meaning by what we do, all the little choices we make moment by moment, how we react to our natural and social environment, how we respond to what we believe about ourselves. As a person driving a car, do we believe that person riding a bicycle – my son, your mother, your neighbour, your teacher, your friend going from one place to another on a bicycle - is “one of us”? As people sharing the roads, do we make the choice to follow the rules, pay attention, and protect each other? Because in the flowing dance of people going from one place to another we call “traffic”, each of us is not a label or a mode of transport - each of us is one of us.



Rides Captain J.P. Martin affixes a black armband to Cycling Ambassador Jimmie Campbell’s arm prior to the 2015 Ride of Silence. The annual Ride of Silence reminds us of those people who have lost their lives when riding their bicycle from one place to another. (S.Porter, photo)

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The times they are a-changing, the season from summer to fall. From lazy days of summer back to the busy days of Velo board meetings. Our first meeting in several months, on Sept. 3rd, was busy and productive. One of the many things that got done was the planning of the AGM which this year will be Nov. 5th (tentative as lots of things could interfere). This is a heads-up to all Velo members because there will be changes (mandatory) in the make- up of the Velo board. In one of the first pieces I wrote this year when I became Rides Captain, was that Velo was so successful because of the desire of its members to give of their time and energy and it will continue to be successful only as long as  members are willing to step forward and participate in running the organization. Over the next few weeks/months, the positions opening up will be posted and if anyone would like to step forward and put their hat in the ring, just let any of the present board members know. You will have plenty of time to think about what you can contribute. My decision to be Ride Captain was spur of the moment at the potluck. I would like to see my torch passed on to someone before this year’s potluck - it makes for a much smoother transition.


The positions are not beyond anyone's capabilities but do require a bit of commitment and with a smooth transition the present position holder will have lots of time to ease the new person into the position. With this much lead time, I expect lots of people to consider joining the board and to be at the AGM in November. To Paraphrase a great man "Ask not what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club".    And to finish off   Bob Dylan  This is a rough copy, but captures that feeling.


The following ride has just come to my attention, so plan ahead to attend. This will soon be posted in the calendar

IN OCTOBER, on Saturday the 10th at 10 am, Eliot Frosst and Jimmie Campbell are doing the bicycle ride from the Royal Battery  at the Fortress of Louisbourg down to Kennington Cove (where Wolfe came ashore). There will be maps, photo drawings and a folder.  There are several stops along the way.  Cost will be $10 whether one is a Velo member or not.  Proceeds go to Velo Cape Breton in their continuing fight to get better conditions for cyclists.


JP Martin, Rides Captain.




VCB Riders Write:

This is from Louise Fleming:


I am writing in response to JP's question,"Where have you been biking this summer?". When I retired two years ago my husband presented me with a road bike! I used it a few times but was very nervous and rightly so! CAN- BIKE and WOW provided me with a sense of security and confidence . . . now I am a seasoned biker!

Most week days I can be seen on the Northside loop or from the Caboose to the St. James Rd., a lovely scenic drive. On weekends it is usually a 25 k around the Ingonish area, either to the top of Smokey or to Neil's Harbour. The longest rides have been from North Sydney to Iona and from Ingonish to the gruelling top of North Mountain!! I completed all three legs of the Lobster Roll Ride and the Heartland Tour. The Cabot Trail is still on my bucket list!

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Don’t miss the final WOW ride of the season.  


Come on out for  TOUR DAH TARTAN.    Don a piece of tartan ust for fun and spin your wheels to the CLUCKING HEN CAFE in Indian Brook for some delicious food and great friendship.


DATE:  Saturday, September 12, 2015


TIME:  10:00 am for a  10:30 start

DISTANCE:  Approximately 22 km


This is a relaxed ride.  Tartan Optional but fun if you do!  



  • Shelley Johnson, WOW Co-ordinator.





A CAN-BIKE 2 adult advanced defensive cycling course is scheduled for the end of September.  The CAN-BIKE 2 course is quickly becoming the standard course for adult cyclists who are taking leadership roles in cycling in their communities.  Police, teachers, tour leaders, recreational workers and others are all being trained with he CAN-BIKE 2 course to learn safe and effective cycling in traffic.  


The CB2 course is intended for cyclists who have some experience and want to upgrade their skills.  


Should you be more  interested in a CAN-BIKE 1, you can join the upcoming CB2 course.  CB1 course uses similar materials and information that are used in CB 2.  Certain lessons and scenarios are not taught; others are modified for CB1 purposes.  There is NO examination in CB1


September 23rd (evening) In-Class Theory Session,  
Outdoors sessions Sept. 26 - 27 (9am to 4 pm),  in  Sydney


CB2 course fee: $90. per person.  (Note:  This is a one-time fee.  Graduates of CB2 course can take a "refresher" free of charge at any time if space allows)


CB1 course fee: $50. per person.


More information and to Register click here.







35th Anniversary Terry Fox Marathon of Hope

SUNDAY, SEPT. 20, 2015 –

7:00 P.M.




House band:  Fred Lavery and friends

Aaron Lewis -  -Vocals and Piano

D & R Dancers

Jennifer Rolland-Buffett – Fiddle  and 

Jason Kempt - keyboard

Chalk Dust – Musical Group

Katherine MacDonald - Stepdancer  

Ernie Wells  - Vocals and Keyboard

Shawn MacDonald – Fiddle

Margaret MacPherson - Vocals with the Band

Ian Aker – Vocals/Sax

KayBatherson Keltic Speppers – Linedance, and Stepdancers


Introducing Elzbieta Wawer the winner of the 2015 Miss Teen Cape Breton Scholarship Pageant -  winner of the Talent and Scholastic Awards.  She represented Miss North Sydney ! !




Sound and Lights - Railroad Recording Productions. Celebrating 32 Years


General Admission:  $10.00        (Payable at the Door)    

50/50 DRAW   -  Canteen/Fudge Sale

For information: Phone: (902)794-3772


All Proceeds going to the N.S. TERRY FOX FOUNDATION


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This section features bike-friendly places and spaces, as submitted by our members. You can write in and tell us about a retail or service outlet that encourages cycling, whether it be by offering cyclist-friendly food, safe pathways, or just being there when you need it (like a public washroom).



I spied this along the old highway between Middleton and Kentville, NS. The photo does not do justice to the glory of the streamers, which glittered and glinted in the sun like precious metals and jewels. It was a dazzling sight! There were about five less glamourous, larger bicycles lined up on the opposite side of the driveway, just outside the photo frame. All individually priced and ready to go!



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Multitasking bike light:


Carbon down, bicycles up:


Before the days of quick-releases:


Registration for the 2015 Nova Scotia Cycling Summit is OPEN:


Think I’ll just stick to my $40 gloves:


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 (Ads will run for 3 weeks; if your item has not sold in that time, please resend the ad to the editor. Thanks!)



2013 Scott Contessa Speedster 15  Road Bike     ( Woman )

Size:   XXS  

Fits  5’ 2” and smaller.


Aluminum frame with carbon fork.  Shimano 105 components, 10 x 2 speed

Out 10 times or less. Always stored indoors.

Paid $ 1399.00 plus tax.  Asking $1000.00. 

For more info you can email me at or call 902 224-3855.




Vintage CCM Tandem circa early ‘70s  Excellent condition.

George Jessen,





FOR SALE: Giant ALUXX SL 6000 series butted tubing - ultegra gear system. Men's MED, 54" Frame Reg $2200. Selling Price $1700.00

This Bike has never seen the road...Brand New! If interested call Carl Oldham @ 902-679-7702


Carl Oldham

Wolfville, NS



For Sale New Price: Giant Cypress comfort bicycle. Excellent condition. “Men’s” frame, 17in. Tuned up by professionals and stored since May 2015. $125.00 Contact


Cycling Shoes For Sale. $50.00 .... SHIMANO Model M075 Size 9.7US 44Wide (I wear a size 10 street shoe). Excellent condition. Please call 902-561-1965 if interested.




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“My name is Fin, which means it's very hard for me to end emails without sounding pretentious."- Fin Taylor (2014) 



"My friend told me he was going to a fancy dress party as an Italian island. I said to him 'Don't be Sicily'. - Tim Vine (2013)



I was in a band which we called The Prevention. Because we hoped people would say we were better than The Cure." - Alan Sharp (2011)


"Crime in multi-storey car parks. That is wrong on so many different levels." - Tim Vine (2011)




Shelley Porter,

Editor, Velo Cape Breton eNewsletter

VCB Cycling Ambassador.

September 10th, 2015




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